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I believe there are places where being a clown is appropriate; circuses, parties, etc., but not the U.S. House of Representatives. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s 6th Dist. is represented by a clown. Chrissy Houlahan consistently underperforms her resume by a wide margin. She boasts a graduate degree from MIT (a participation degree perhaps?) but so does Thomas Massie, who embodies intelligence. Chrissy only thinks she does. Wake up PA-6 — it’s time for new leadership.

Why does every other local municipality have a leaf truck that comes to the curb and picks up leaves but Upper Providence doesn’t?!?! Maybe we need one less dog park, skate park, or playground. Disgusted how my tax dollars don’t benefit me!

Rep. Madeleine Dean, D-4th Dist., was on multiple cable shows talking about her meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Dean said the video of the massacre was extremely disturbing, and she thinks we must help Israel destroy Hamas. This was strange considering that Dean voted against the $14.3 Billion military aid package for Israel. As usual, Dean and Chrissy Houlahan say one thing but vote as directed by the Democrat leadership.

Robert Minninger

I can’t believe they filed a lawsuit to allow homeless people to stay on borough-owned property, and use the argument that the borough has to provide viable alternatives. Tell these people to find a way to provide their own shelter like 99.9% of the people living here do. It should not be the job of our local government to provide shelter for these people. Take care of your own life. Stop looking at someone else to solve your own problems.

Tom M

After reading the article on scams against seniors, I have one suggestion that I use. I have been called three times as “Grandpa, I am in this or that and need help.” I let them go on until it came to needing money for whatever, then I asked, what is your middle name and the receiver went dead. It works every time. Ask a personal question they can’t answer and it is over.

You can’t reach the future by erasing the past.


To get respect you must act in a respectful way. Principals who allow students to spray silly string on them are acting like one of the gang — which you are not. You are in charge. Going to the principal’s office meant you were in trouble, A rule had been broken. It appears there are few rules with today’s principals. This means a breakdown of our system and students who respect nothing and no one.


For those who get their news from the faux news right-wing echo chamber, Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty to election conspiracy charges in Ga. She cried like a little baby. Fun fact, she was also Doug Mastriano’s campaign manager. Radical Republicans sure love their crooks


If progressive butthurt left-wing Democrat-controlled states are taking steps to block Donald Trump from being on their 2024 presidential ballots, why aren’t conservative Republican-controlled states taking steps to block Joe Biden from being on their 2024 presidential ballots? So much for a non-biased justice system where everyone (even the mean-tweeting Orange Man) is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Dems be tripp’n!


I would like to thank all those who voted. To those who didn’t vote, may the fleas of a thousand camels be found in your underwear.

Night Light

Democratic Party activist Catherine Rampell masquerades as a journalist at the Washington Post. Her latest column in The Mercury is pure bull. She complains about rising inflation and blames Republicans when inflation has skyrocketed along with the trillions of dollars Joe Biden and the Democrats are printing and the destruction of the US energy sector by left-wing climate cultists. Someone should inform Rampell and her ilk that Democrats have been running things since 2021.

Captain America

Oh Brandon, please go beyond the right-wing talking points. The last Parliamentary election in Gaza was in 2006. With a current population of 50% under 18, the majority of Gaza citizens weren’t even born yet. But that point is moot with over 3,000 children dead as of 10/12. If that number and the number killed and/or kidnapped on 10/07 doesn’t hurt your heart, then I question your humanity.


The real snake for the empowerment of Hamas Islamists is guess who? Barack Obama. That smile and charisma belie an evilness that many refuse to acknowledge. It was Obama’s idea to delay, not stop Iran’s nuclear development. Obama provided money to Iran which everyone knew was a terror state with no equal rights for women, gays or any other group not towing the Islamic line. Iran calls for the total destruction of Israel.


Response to articles by columnist Catherine Rampell. Her response to inflation is that prices are down and the Republicans have no new ideas to bring down inflation. Of course they are down for the holiday season so it makes it look good for Biden. If the Democrats have great ideas why are they not in use? The Democrats caused inflation with all their canceled Republican ideas when they got into office.

I rarely post political thoughts, but this resonates with me. The events transpiring in Israel have an impact far beyond the Middle East. More importantly, it highlights how Hamas’ unconscionable acts have emboldened and brought to the fore antisemites who may have previously been lurking in the shadows, but have always been part of our world.


To Professor Potts: Abortion won’t be the silver bullet Democrats assume it will be. Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it so. Pay attention. Look what happened in the 2022 elections, and this past Tuesday’s elections.

God Bless Netanyahu: Significant facts lacking in your “history” – Palestinians “magically” appeared out of thin air in 1948. The Jewish population in Palestine, before present–day Israel, 1922=11%, 1931=17%, 1945=31% (Immigrants, not native born). Your (too true) logic: American Indians own America. They have the right to eradicate us all. BTW, Palestinian civilians objecting to Hamas can get dead pretty quickly. Don’t equate the two.

One conclusion that I’ve reached from the Trump trial in New York: The family that claimed to be the best at business, suddenly has no clue about their own business!


Four meritless indictments against President Trump, a politically motivated lawsuit in New York designed to destroy President Trump financially, lawsuits across the country conjured up to remove President Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot — all pushed by local elected Democrats, Democrat activists, or the current Democrat administration — have significantly hardened the determination of President Trump’s supporters. The Democrats have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in their corner? Laughably amusing!

Fact Jack

Trump wasn’t at the Capitol, because when the s— hit the fan, his bone spurs were acting up. Trump lies, is egomaniacal and is in age-related decline. Biden has been in age-related decline, just listen to him talk and watch him move. Somewhere in this mass of talking heads in DC, there must be a person of strength and values who will stand for the people.

Biden will agree with whatever the popular thought of the day is. This potato and the rest of the bag are rotten. They’ve destroyed the whole foundation of our country. It won’t be easy to bring this country back to greatness, but I know a guy who has already proven he can. MAGA!


Jen Psaki said Trump’s words of going after Democrat enemies when he becomes President are destructive to democracy. Don’t make me laugh with the DOJ and FBI opening Pandora’s Box when they in an unprecedented move raided a former President’s home and brought fake indictments against him that Dems didn’t think we would do the same. They are the destructive ones for what they are doing to our democracy! Don’t get me started on J6!


If anyone out there has a 16-year-old who wants to learn to drive just take them to a Wawa parking lot they learn pretty quickly there.


The other day my Bride told me she missed me. Normally that would be fine, but I noticed her “reloading!”

Jim Fitch

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