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Running around your home or office searching for a charger because you need to be on a phone call in five minutes is no one’s idea of a good time. But the truth of the matter is that life with an iPhone sometimes requires emergency charging. “iPhones are convenient, powerful tools that make our lives easier. But the battery life of an iPhone is not always ideal,” said Tech Expert Eric Sornoso, chief executive officer at Meal Fan. Before you assume the only way to boost your iPhone’s charging capabilities is by setting aside money for a brand new phone or, at the very least, replacing its battery every few months, hold that thought. Sornoso explains why turning off this one notifications setting can save your iPhone battery — and he adds a few more important tips on extending the life of your phone’s battery. Making a few quick changes now can mean spending a lot less time charging your phone later on. 

Turn Off Notifications For Apps 

First and foremost, Sornoso says one of the best ways to save your iPhone’s battery life is to turn off notifications for apps that you don’t use regularly or don’t need notifications from. “Notifications drain a lot of energy in the background, so disabling them can significantly improve your battery life,” Sornoso said. “To turn off notifications, go to Settings > Notifications and toggle off any apps that don’t need immediate updates.”

Dim Your Screen’s Brightness  

Another great way to save energy is by dimming your display brightness, according to Sornoso. “This can be done easily from the Control Center or by going into Settings > Display & Brightness and adjusting it there,” he said. “The brighter the display, the more energy it consumes; therefore, lowering your display brightness will help conserve battery power and extend its lifespan.”

Turn Off Location Services  

Finally, turning off location services when they are not needed is another helpful tip in conserving energy. “Location services require network access which also means more energy being used; therefore, it’s important to only use them when necessary,” Sornoso said. “You can turn off location services by going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services and disabling any apps that do not require location services all the time (e.g., weather apps).”

Save your iPhone’s battery (and a ton of frustration) by making these smart changes to your settings.

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