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The Paypers, the provider of news and insights in the financial industry, has announced the launch of the Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2023. 

This comprehensive report delves into the ever-evolving landscape of financial crime and fraud detection, shedding light on the importance of courageous endeavours to combat these threats.

The Paypers, the provider of news and insights in the financial industry, has announced the launch of the Financial Crime and Fraud Report 2023.

Rekindling the courage in the fight against financial crime

The report begins by addressing the decline of adventure and achievement among professionals in financial crime prevention. It highlights the need to rekindle the passion and drive that initially drew individuals to this field. The Financial Crime and Fraud Report aims to reignite that sense of purpose and equip professionals with the latest trends, developments, and insights into prevention and management.

The current state of the payments industry further underscores the significance of this report. Recent data reveals a concerning spike in financial crime, including customer fraud, scams, organised crime activities, and consumer fraud committed by unsuspecting individuals. The rise of money mule activities supporting money laundering poses additional challenges. These trends demand a proactive and collaborative approach to address the ineffectiveness and combat these threats effectively.

Technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics, have emerged as powerful tools in the fight against financial crime. However, the report emphasises the importance of responsible implementation and addresses potential challenges related to biases, lack of transparency, and accountability associated with these technologies. It underscores the significance of human expertise and judgment in conjunction with technological solutions.

Why this report matters in today’s payments landscape

The report also explores critical developments within the European financial landscape, such as the European Digital Identity Wallet (EUDI) initiative. The EUDI Wallet aims to improve customer onboarding and payment processing while reducing costs and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, updates on the EU’s AMLD6 and the impact on financial institutions and crypto providers are discussed, highlighting the need for careful consideration of the source of funds and adherence to global recommendations and guidance.

Throughout the Financial Crime and Fraud Report, industry experts share their insights and experiences. Their stories and metaphors provide valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities within financial crime compliance. From the importance of collaboration and empowerment to the necessity of innovative solutions, these narratives inspire action and change.

The Paypers invites professionals and industry stakeholders to join their community of proactive and forward-thinking individuals. By coming together, they can make a real difference in creating a safer financial world. The Financial Crime and Fraud Report promises an enlightening and invigorating journey, empowering readers to tackle financial crime head-on.

A thank you to our partners

This report would not have been possible without the help of our partners and contributors. The Paypers would love to thank those who joined forces with us to deliver such educational, insightful, and powerful content: Victoria Sztanek – FINTRAIL, Esther Phillips and Rebecca Craig – Tenet Compliance & Litigation, Han Sahin – ThreatFabric, Alejandro Leal – KuppingerCole Analysts, Theresia Mallia – Kindred Group, Steve Pannifer – Consult Hyperion, Intesi Group, Mark Haine –, Travis Jarae – Liminal, Maya Ogranovitch Scott – Ping Identity, Michael Ramsbacker – Trulioo, Thomas Egner – Euro Banking Association, Deborah Young and Alex Ford –The RegTech Association, Abhishek Chatterjee – Tookitaki, Ted Sausen – NICE Actimize, Mike Nathan –Feedzai, Sandy Lavorel – NetGuardians, Alan Morley and Fanny Ip – Huron, Colin Whitmore – NatWest Group, Ruben Menke, Robert Norvill, Christian Karsten, and Mitch Trehan – Banking Circle, Antonia Michail – Nuvei, Meagan Birch, Dawn Fisher, Ray Blake, Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer, and Dr. Mario Menz, Martin Woods – The Global Compliance Institute.

Also, we would like to thank our endorsers – FinTech FinCrime Exchange, KuppingerCole, Consult Hyperion, Liminal – and media partners – QUBE Events – for agreeing to spread the message of our report’s launch.

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