Think you’ve been catphished? Maybe Twitter can help | #daitngscams | #lovescams

Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn breaks down all the latest stories going viral on the internet.

Have you ever been catphished?

In the world of internet online dating, this is a common scam, that can have dangerous consequences.

A ‘catphish’ is someone who creates a fake online identity to manipulate and exploit another individual for various means, either emotional or financial.

Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn spoke to Bongani Bingwa about a viral catphishing story that got the internet talking.

This woman suspected that a friend of hers was catphished. She took a screenshot of the person and asked Twitter to assist with identifying the suspect. She said her friend is a young guy, its his first love and she is concerned he is sending this person money.

Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn, radio presenter

In South Africa, the quickest way to uncover information is by calling in the ‘Twitter investigators’, and it seems Twitter was very sharp on this case.

They [Twitter users] discovered that this women’s picture was some well known influencer in Johannesburg. Here’s this guy who thinks he’s in love and she’s not the real person. So his friend will probably take this information to him and convince him to cut ties with her.

Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn, radio presenter

When you’re in an online dating romance, there are some easy signs to spot if your significant other could be a catphish.

If you want to do a video call and there’s always an excuse, that’s a good sign. These people are so clever and they know how to manipulate.

Jonathan “Khabazela” Fairbairn, radio presenter

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