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Breaking one stereotype at a time…

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We live in a world that contains all types of stereotypes. Some are based on old-school mentality, while others stem from a fictitious place. 

Sadly, the closed-mindedness that comes from stereotypes only limits us as a community. 

This is why we absolutely love what this young woman is doing online. 

Isabell McGuire is a 17-year-old TikToker who is sharing content that is not only causing a stir, but inspiring other women. 

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McGuire has been sharing content for years, but her recent content which focuses on her journey to becoming an electrician has gained lots of attention online. 

Check out her showing off being at work with her dad who is an electrician, or as she calls it, ‘Sparky’. 

Courtesy of TikTok. 

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You would think this would be a welcomed change in the world. A young female showing interest in a field that is predominantly led by males. 

But no, McGuire has received a lot of disrespect from people who have questioned her ability and judged her based on her appearance. 

“Despite the challenges, she told Insider she plans to continue posting in order to inspire other women to get into the industry and to share her “open and honest” experience being a female electrician.” (Business Insider)

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It was in fact her father who inspired her to get into his field. Besides taking her along to jobs as a young girl, he also mentioned that there aren’t many women in the field. 

That is when she saw an opportunity there. 

McGuire told Insider: “There are women who don’t want a man in the house or there are women who can’t have a man in the house for religious reasons. I want to be able to make women feel comfortable in their own home and help them with whatever electrician work they need to be done.” 

She is currently studying at a technical college in a (guess what) class full of males. She is receiving good grades in her studies which often causes her classmates to get a bit jelly. 

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