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Imagine looking up at a dark office building at night as you and your friends make your way across an empty parking lot. You notice one room has the lights on. Next, you see a figure standing there staring back at you. The creepy person in the window remains almost completely still aside from their fingers moving ever so slightly.

It’s enough to make your skin crawl. Eeesh.

I could come up with a million horror movie scenarios for what a couple of Lubbock TikTokers caught on camera a few nights ago in an office building. After a bit of sleuthing on the internet, my friends and I have determined the building is located at 4630 50th Street.

4630 50th Street, Googe Street View

4630 50th Street, Googe Street View

Maybe it’s just a creepy decoration and someone is excited for Halloween? Maybe a security guard was watching them make their way across the parking lot? Whatever is going on, it gives you the heebie-jeebies for sure.

The most unsettling part to me is that all of the lights in the building appear to be off except for this office. What was going on in there that late at night, and why are they staring out the window like that?

Check out the video below:

What do you think? Do you know of anything paranormal going on in that building? Ever heard any weird stories? Are we just getting too excited for creepy things and Halloween? Who knows.

Comment on our KFMX Facebook page if you know what was going on there and can put the mystery to rest…

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