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Fortunately, free psychic reading has become a platform accessible to a vast global audience. Psychic reading is no more seen as a taboo. People from all walks of life seek help on online psychic reading platforms. If you are amongst those very few people who have not yet given it a try, allow us to help you discover the path that may lead to solutions to all your problems.

As adults, it’s inevitable to encounter a shift in our perspective on life one too many times. We may not always find life to be fair to us. We often forget to reason things and deny ourselves the possibility of making sense to us. What we are required to do at this point is just to take a step back and allow our minds to attain a state where we can make better decisions.

It is not easy to allow yourself to be in a good headspace when all odds are against you. This is where free psychic reading steps in. It can offer that external help you need to see things in a better light. Free psychic reading can help you get that clarity by letting you know what might possibly be in store for you or how a little patience will not go unrewarded.

All you need to do is just convince yourself to book your first free online psychic reading session, and you will know that healing is possible. There are endless solutions to what may feel like an impossible thing to solve. You will also be reminded that you are not alone in this and that seeking help is just as simple as a click away.

Here are the top-rated free psychic reading websites we have shortlisted for you. Go through this table to check out what each platform has in store for you.

Best Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online

• Kasamba – Best for free psychic love readings and relationship advice

•  Psychic Source – Top live psychics for getting clarity on your life and future

•  Keen Psychics –  Best psychics to help overcome personal life challenges

•  Purple Garden – Best for money questions and career predictions

#1: Kasamba – Best Psychics For Accurate Love Readings

Best Features:

•  Honest and clear psychic readings from the best in the business. Get the right psychic.

•  Free psychic readings: free 3-mins on first reading

•  Great introductory offer: 70% off your first session.

•  Find top rated psychics that are within your price range.

•   All psychics meet a strict quality guideline.

•  Secure and safe free psychic readings website

•  Ideal for love readings, career & finance advice, life guidance.

•  4 million 5-star ratings and reviews so you can choose the perfect psychic.

Dating in the 21st century is no easy task. First of all, it is so hard to find someone you can connect with and expect complete loyalty from their end. Loyalty, especially, is too rare when it comes to the modern dating scene.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the majority of people who turn to psychic sites are looking for love psychic readings in particular. Whether it is about relationship problems, or cheating partners, or the lack of one – millions of psychic reading users are just seeking some clarity on their love life.

When talking about free love psychic reading online, Kasamba is one of the most famous psychics websites out there. Anyone who has even the tiniest bit of interest in free psychic reading or psychic sites, you must have come across the name, Kasamba. The platform has established quite a reputable name in the cheap psychics reading network.

Catering to a large audience, Kasamba makes psychic reading a fruitful experience for everyone. From offering chat psychics to live psychics to phone psychics to video psychic readings, Kasamba has something for everyone.

If you are still not intrigued to try your first free psychics reading at Kasamba, this customer review might pique your interest. This review was shared by a recent psychic reading customer who wanted to get clarity on her love life. She says, ‘Hi all. This is ‘Daisy in Distress’. Quite literally! So, my story is like those tragic love movies that are still waiting for an interval. In simpler words, I’m a 37-year-old single woman in L.A. who has never ever dated anyone in life.

Yes, we exist. While I’m out here waiting for my ‘Prince Charming,’ my mom is constantly stressing about her only daughter being alone for the rest of her life. I don’t blame her even, considering my dating history, which is close to none.

So, I joined Kasamba because of severe emotional blackmailing from my Mama, who is more worried than me about my love life. It was kind of embarrassing for me when I attended my first psychic reading session and straight-up asked if I’d ever even meet my soulmate or not? God bless my psychic reader, though. She was really kind and welcoming, and she clearly understood all my concerns.

As you may have guessed by now, I had already given up on my love life. I had started sketching a retirement plan in my head where I’d spend most of my time raising my fur babies, Dan and Carlos, who are Siamese twins.

Surprisingly, my phone psychic readings revealed something else. So, it turns out I will not die alone. Mr. Prince Charming is on his way somewhere, and we shall meet very soon.

All jokes aside, I felt truly at ease after my first psychic reading online with Kasamba. They delivered what they promised, and as a new customer, I was delighted. I’d you are also looking for a real psychics experience from the comfort of your home; Kasamba definitely qualifies as a good free psychic reading service platform. So, from a hopeless damsel to a hopeful Daisy, I’m pleased with the results. I will recommend their free psychic love reading service to everyone.

Brownie points for their cheap psychics experts that offer excellent service at affordable prices.’

This review is just one of the thousands of positive ones for Kasamba, especially for love psychic readings. There is another thing that sets Kasamba apart from other psychics sites. Where most psychic websites offer online psychic readings in English only, Kasamba takes things up a notch. This psychic platform offers reliable free psychic reading online in various languages, making their service more viable for larger people. So, if you are struggling to find a ‘local psychic’ or ‘psychic reading near me’ who speaks and understands your language, you might find one at Kasamba.

In addition to this, Kasamba also attracts its potential audience through its exciting introductory offers. From free psychics reading online minutes to additional discounts in your first session, you can get your money’s worth at Kasamba’s psychic site and mobile app.

Don’t let love troubles trouble you anymore. With free psychic readings offered from Kasamba, you can get better control of your love life and enjoy reliable psychics predictions.

⇒ Sign Up to Kasamba and Enjoy Free Psychic Reading Online !

#2: Psychic Source – Free Psychic Readings on All Life Matters

Best Features:

•  Free trial psychic readings available from the best psychics.

•   Free psychic readings: free 3-mins on first reading

•   Has been open for more than 30 years in the psychic network.

•   Excellent for spiritual readings, love and family, personal growth predictions.

•  Choose from phone readings, live chat and video psychic readers.

•  Top-notch customer care services and free psychics experts

•   Search through hundreds of psychics to find the perfect match from the psychic network.

Why do people look for ‘psychic readings near me’ or ‘local psychics’ when they can easily talk to famous psychics from the comfort of their homes? With an experienced psychics experts platform like Psychic Source, you can enjoy free psychic reading, psychic medium services, reliable psychics predictions, and so much more.

Psychic Source is one of the top-rated psychic platforms that has been serving millions of users hailing from every corner of the world. The psychic platform takes pride in being one of the torchbearers in the online psychic industry, providing their mystic services for more than three decades and still counting.

While there are plenty of psychic platforms out there that you can trust for reliable psychic readings, Psychic Source is an excellent choice for all personal life matters. Whether you are dealing with low self-esteem, severe depression, or just generally feeling lost in life, a free psychics reading online from Psychic Source can help give you a sense of direction in life.

Let’s hear it from a psychic reading customer who tried their luck with Psychic Source. He shares, ‘This is Pete Clarkson from New Jersey. I call myself an introverted person who is a true extrovert when surrounded by his favorite books. I’m a librarian. I’ve been one my whole life.

My grandfather used to run a famous library here in town. After his death, 30 years ago, my father took over and started working full-time at the library. He couldn’t even complete his degree.

Life got really tough for him eventually. However, with his constant hard work and drive to achieve the impossible, he finally expanded the library and established a successful business.

All my childhood and teenage years were spent in the library. Books were my only friend. As a result, I found it challenging to communicate with people. Confidence was never my forte.

Now I’m 26 years old and entering a very important part of my life. I spent most of my early twenties in loneliness, but I don’t wanna do that anymore. That’s why I signed up for an online psychic reading session at Psychic Source after reading raving reviews about it online.

Naturally, I was really shy about my first psychic reading online, so I opted for the phone psychics option. It’s safe to say that my first phone psychic readings session went better than my expectations. My psychic expert was very learned and professional. I was looking for some reassurance in life, and that’s precisely what I got. Their reliable psychic predictions further helped boost my confidence.

I’m taking baby steps and trying to step out of my comfort zone. Luckily, Psychic Source will be there by my side in this journey, so I’m truly grateful!’

If you have struggled to find a reliable psychic online that also offers cheap psychic experts, then look no further. Psychic Source is the right psychic platform for you, especially when it comes to free psychic reading online.

With inflation on the rise, not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars looking for a good psychic platform. Psychic Source makes it convenient by keeping things easy on your pocket. You can enjoy chat psychics readings and phone psychic readings at affordable rates and get answers to all your essential life queries and concerns.

When it comes to free psychic reading online, like some top-rated psychics site, Psychic Source also provides free psychics minutes for its new members. So, when you come to this psychic portal and register in a few easy steps, you can get a trial experience without paying a single penny. What more could a psychic reading enthusiast ask for!

Take the front seat in the roller coaster ride of your life and take charge with free psychic readings advice from Psychic Source.

⇒ Join the Platform Now to Avail Your Free Psychics Reading Minutes and Additional Discounts!

#3: Keen Psychics – A Reliable Platform Featuring Free Psychics for All Types of Readings

Best Features:

•  Get guidance and clarity regarding your future from experienced psychics.

•  Get the first 3 minutes absolutely free after you sign up.

•  Choose psychics from their reviews and ratings.

•  Call or chat 24/7 with your chosen psychics immediately for an emergency reading

•  Get answers to common life questions with a free psychic reading.

Many people struggle to find a reliable and trustworthy psychic platform. The web is full of fake and fraudulent psychic websites offering enticing free offers and schemes to lure you. Keen Psychics provides complete security and confidentiality of user data to save you from falling victim to any of these scam psychic platforms.

Keen Psychics is considered one of the top choices by psychic reading users, especially when it comes to money matters, career counselling, and financial advice. Whether you are an established businessman or the opposite, Keen Psychics has a psychic reading expert for everyone. Get customised free psychic readings and turn your situation around when you come to Keen.

Let’s hear it from a Keen Psychic user who came to the platform looking for reliable psychics predictions and financial advice. Here is what they said, ‘My name is Lisa, and I’m a teenage entrepreneur. Yes, I’m super proud of being one of those fortunate people who start their own business/brand at a young age.

Unlike many young entrepreneurs, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. In fact, our family was always struggling to make ends meet. This was the reason why I decided to change the narrative and do something for myself.

So, along with my best friend, Stacy, I started making clay jewellery at home. We learned everything from the internet to create a small online store to sell our jewellery collection. It took us four days to make our first sale, and everything just went uphill since then.

Within a few days, we became the literal talk of the town. Everyone from our school and neighbourhood wanted to buy clay jewellery from our store. We started earning excellent profit too until COVID happened.

Everything changed after COVID for our business, and we suffered significant financial losses. It was a hard blow for teenagers who have been working tirelessly to establish a successful online business. I went into severe depression after the first few weeks. That’s when Stacy stepped up and introduced me to Keen Psychics.

I had heard people in my circle relying on Keen for financial advice. I never thought I’d be the one to do so. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Right?

So, Keen Psychics turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise. With their portfolio of experienced psychics, I could enjoy a perfect psychic reading online that helped me make wiser financial decisions. They also gave us authentic psychic predictions that enabled us to stand back on our feet again.

If your business or bank balance were also affected because of COVID, I recommend you talk to any expert psychics at Keen Psychics and get a personalized and cheap psychic reading.  Good luck!’

When you join Keen Psychics for your first free psychic reading online, you will be amazed by their customer care service. Their representatives are available online to help you with everything. In addition to this, you can also take advantage of the cheap psychic readings online offered by Keen Psychics.

All new Keen Psychics members can enjoy the first three minutes of their psychic reading online session absolutely free. So, if you have to shortlist a free psychic reading online platform for your first reading, do not think twice before opting for Keen Psychics.

⇒ Enjoy a Free Psychic Reading from a Handpicked Expert at Keen and Turn Your Life Around for the Better.

# 4: Purple Garden – The Ideal Psychics Platform to Take Your Life from Slow Track to Fast Track

Best Features:

•  Choose from over 8 specializations and get an authentic psychic.

•  Free psychic readings: $10 free credit with first purchase

•   Live chat, voice, or video readings from the world’s most accurate psychics

•  Get promo codes for great discounts for a psychic reading.

•  Get valuable insights and guidance regarding financial, career questions & more.

What if there was a free psychic reading platform that gave you a glimpse of how they helped people deal with a specific problem? The good news is, there is one. If you are even a tad bit interested in the psychic network and still haven’t come across Purple Garden, you are clearly missing out.

Purple Garden is an uber-cool psychic reading platform with a unique feature that sets it apart from all its competitors. When you join Purple Garden, you will notice a ‘Journeys’ feature in the main menu. This is the real game-changer in the free psychics reading websites world.

This ‘Journeys’ feature allows you to take inspiration from other people’s experiences at Purple Garden. It’s a collection of how Purple Garden helped these people with a particular problem. So, with this unique feature, you can explore all the different life aspects and problems that Purple Garden caters to. You can also get a sneak peek of how the platform works when it comes to personalized psychic readings. It’s a great learning tool, especially for new users.

To give you a better idea of how this feature works, here are some of the common examples found on the platform:

●       I want to get back together with my ex. When will that happen?

●       I want to meet my soulmate, and I cannot wait any longer. What should I do?

●       I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. How should I confront him?

●       I cannot cut ties with my toxic partner. What should I do?

●       I am not doing well at work, but I cannot afford to lose my job. How do you make things easier?

●       My family disapproves of my sexual orientation. How do I deal with them?

●       Should I trust free psychic reading online or cheap psychics experts for accurate predictions?

●       Are online live psychics readings better than finding a psychic near me or psychic reading near me?

A Purple Garden customer shares how the platform helped them make it through a tough time in life. This is the story of 46-year-old Shawna French, who was in a complicated relationship. Shawna shares, ‘Age is just a number, and I firmly believe that. This is the reason why in my late 40s, I’m dating a guy who’s half my age. And I don’t mind that at all.

I met him four months ago at a coffee shop, and I feel like it was just destiny. We clicked from the very first meeting. I know it’s sort of looked down upon, especially when an older woman starts dating a younger guy, but I didn’t pay any attention to what people say. They don’t really matter, do they?

However, there was one recent incident that got me worried. I saw my boyfriend texting with another girl, and he was sort of flirting. I confronted him right away and asked him to take time if he was unsure about us. He promised me that I was just overthinking and there’s nothing to worry about. But I couldn’t put the thought to rest. It kept irking me.

That’s when I told my bestie about the whole incident. She could tell what was bothering me, so to help me get through this, she recommended I try free psychic reading online from Purple Garden. She had been their loyal customer for quite a few years, so I trusted her with this.

And it turns out I wasn’t wrong at all. I had tried local psychics near me before this, but I wasn’t 100% satisfied with that experience. Purple Garden is definitely a more authentic psychic portal offering a wide range of similar services. They even have psychic mediums services that I always wanted to try.

Anyway, coming back to my experience with their psychic love readings, it was exactly what I was looking for. It was a live psychics session where I could pour out all my concerns related to my love life. I felt pretty light-hearted afterward.

The good news? They have a special free psychics reading online offer for new members, so I was quite intrigued by that. Moreover, their psychic reading expert was charming and understanding. That guy helped me feel more confident in my relationship and encouraged me to open up to my partner about what was worrying me.

It was a tough pill to swallow, but love psychics readings from Purple Garden helped make it a whole lot easier. If you’re also facing troubles in your love life and want to test how strong your relationship is, I will recommend you to take a love psychics reading from Purple Garden to gain some clarity in life.

You can opt for a phone psychics or phone psychic reading if you are not comfortable with chat psychics. There are various options to choose from.’

Purple Garden has created a new benchmark when it comes to cheap psychic reading online. The psychic website offers affordable rates and free psychic reading credit that you can enjoy as soon as you join the platform as a new user.

One of their most sought-out psychic reading offers: $10 free credit on purchasing any psychic service. This is an excellent opportunity for new psychic reading users especially. Now they can use this $10 worth of free credit to experience the various mystic services offered by Purple Garden. From free psychics reading online to tarot card reading to psychic medium reading to fortune-telling services, you can explore so much more on Purple Garden.

Sometimes you do get second chances in life. Join Purple Garden and make the most of it with our expert psychics readings online to help you overcome various life challenges.

⇒ Click Here to Join Purple Garden and Avail a $10 Free Credit Offer With Any Psychic

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Free Psychic Reading Do For You?

What free psychic reading has to offer genuinely depends on which method of communication you have selected and who you have chosen to get a reading from. To make it easier, we have listed some of the main benefits you will receive from an online psychic reading:


A psychic reading should help you gain relevant knowledge and guidance regarding your issues. For example, they can provide you with advice for your romantic relations.


An online psychic reading provides you with essential perceptions into your life that you may have been missing otherwise.


Free psychic readings are a great way of getting support; they help you get through trauma, hardships, etc.


These psychic readings help you achieve meaningful solutions to queries you may have been stuck with.

Moreover, if you have something specific in mind, you should make your questions or queries clear before beginning your online psychic reading. A competent psychic professional will shape the entire session around your problems.

What Should I Avoid During My Free Psychic Reading Session?

Free psychic readings are not always authentic; there are plenty of scams on the internet as well. Often people with no professional skills as a psychic pose as fraud and steal the user’s money. So, you need to ensure that you avoid such fraudulent psychics at all times and stay alert.

We have listed down some of the things that you must avoid while searching for online psychic reading;

Do Not Indulge in Free Readings

When you are on the lookout for an online psychic reading, there is a high chance that you will come across a platform that is offering completely free services.

A completely free reading may sound promising, but it is hardly the case. Reliable platforms and professional psychic reader charge for their services because of the relevant and real psychics advice they offer. If you ever come across a platform that provides free readings, it is most likely not as accurate as you would want.

Don’t Accept Random Emails

Spam emails are still a thing, so don’t get fooled. If you ever come across an email from some random free psychic readings website, then it is most likely a scam; these companies find your emails through illegal methods.

Don’t Get Fooled By Curses

Some fraudulent psychics often use scare tactics to get their users to pay. These psychics often fool the user by saying that they are either cursed, jinxed, or frightened into believing something terrible will happen – which eventually fools them into paying.

If you ever receive such an email, message, or call – it is best to pay no attention to it, ignore them and move on since it is not true.

Stop Believing Everything They Say

It is essential to know that psychics do not know everything about you; they cannot possibly obtain that information. If you ever receive such a proposal by a psychic that they could predict your future or take you back in time, etc., it is most likely a scam, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Should I Be Doing Preparations for Free Psychic Readings?

With the advancement in technology and the evolution of the internet – the psychic reading game has changed quite a bit. Now you can simply book a free psychic reading online in the comfort of your homes without having to visit them physically. However, finding an authentic psychic reader can be difficult.

So before choosing an online psychic, you need to do some preparation. First things first, during an online psychic reading, it is not necessary for you to draw any cards for the professional. Most psychic readers prefer to make connections with the user and then provide accurate readings. These readings and their accuracy will also depend on the authenticity and reliability of your online psychic reader and the platform you chose.

It would be best if you allowed the psychic reader to connect with you and be able to gain access to your thoughts. Your thoughts give them an idea of your aura and the energy you radiate. So, when you are looking for a psychic reader, choose one you can trust to read your aura and energy.

Furthermore, several types of free psychic readings are available online, each of which holds different meanings and purposes. For example, crystal readings give you important insights for your future, and aura online readings tell you more about your energy. These readings help you get through any hurdles you may face in life. Obtaining a proper understanding of each reading and its purpose will help you get the information or answers that you are looking for.

How Do I Choose a Good Free Psychic Reader?

We have several psychic reading platforms onboard that are thoroughly verified and 100% authentic. All of these platforms allow the user to choose a psychic reader according to their preference and then move on to an online psychic reading session. Although, we understand that it gets a little overwhelming to narrow it down to one psychic reader.

So, we have made a list of things to consider before choosing an online psychic reader.

Try Different Filters

All best psychic reading platforms allow their users to apply certain search filters when looking for online psychic reading. So, If you have a selected area in mind that you would like to search for specifically, you should make use of these filters.

Don’t Forget the Descriptions

After you have found a psychic reader through the filters, we recommend that you give their descriptions or bios a read. Reading through their bios will help you understand the reader better. You get to know more about their qualifications, experience, and personalities.

Reviews and Ratings are Important

Before selecting any psychic, we recommend going through their previous user’s review and ratings. It gives you a good idea of what you are getting into and what to expect during your session.

The Bottom Line

Life has its own unique way of testing each one of us. We are not all faced with the same hardships. The way we wish to overcome our problems allows us to grow into strong and unique individuals.

However, it does not come naturally to us all, so online psychic reading is here to help us all acquire the strength needed to stay afloat even in the roughest of tides.

Online psychic reading is a platform where people come with any problem. It does not matter whether it’s the daily life chores stressing you out or a major life decision that needs to be taken. Some professional psychic readers deal with specific areas of life. This makes the search much more manageable.

You can select any of the free psychic readings platforms that we reviewed today. They are amongst the best ones out there, and the reviews only reiterate this fact. It’s time to seek a life with much fewer worries and more contentment.

Good luck with your first free psychic reading!

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