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Dating sites have been the go-to platform for busy singles for years now. It has been relatively easier for straights to find their true match compared to the trans.  

Transgender have been subjected to a lot of abuse and harassment. If you’re one of those who’s had a hard time facing this issue, rest assured you won’t be subjected to such bias any longer.  

We’ve dug up 10 hot websites that specially help transsexuals find their right match. On these websites, you can make friends and find potential matches for dates, relationships, and most importantly love. These sites especially serve the Trans public so that no one should be left out without love.  

They are renowned and have been featured in magazines and blog reviews. If you’re keen on finding the right match, give these sites a try without a second thought and find the person you have been waiting for all along.  

Top 10 Trans Dating Site For People With Different Sexual Orientation: 

  1. Butterfly- Overall Best Trans Dating Site, Editor’s Pick 

  2. TS Dates- Highly Trusted Platform To Meet Transgender People Online 

  3. AdultFriendFinder- Premium Site For Trans People Looking For Open Relationship 

  1. My Transgender Cupid- Most Secured Trans Dating Site For LGBTQ Community 

  2. Lady Boy Kisses- Top Rated Transexual Dating Site To Meet People Online 

  3. My Transgender Date- Recommended Dating Website For Transexuals 

  4. Tinder- Excellent Casual Hookup Site For Trans People To Find Love 

  5. Date A CrossDresser- Best Platform To Make A Dating Profile For Finding Trans People 

  1. Taimi-  Largest Trans Dating App For Long Term Relationship 

  2. TG Personals- Popular Online Dating Site For Trans Woman & Men 

#1. Butterfly– Overall Best Trans Dating Site, Editor’s Pick  


The butterfly dating app was developed precisely to cater to the needs of transsexuals who have been having a hard time finding their right match online.  

User-friendly and reliable, Butterfly keeps the priorities of its clients as their prime focus and provides various features to make the process simple, easy, and enjoyable.  

It was ideally designed for the trans public, but users can maintain fluid profiles too. It is not limited to transgender people only.  

All genders and sexuality are welcome if they’ve got transgenic dating transgender folks. You get matches as per your selected preferences, so you don’t need to waste time swiping left or right.  



You can maintain an anonymous profile on Butterfly. You don’t need to give any extra information other than your email address.  

You don’t even need to share your real name on your profile. You can tell your name to the person you’re interested in once you get comfortable with them. 

Fluid profiles  

You can change your profile’s gender or sexuality at any time so that way you can maintain a single account to use through any transition. Users can select any gender and gender symbol.  

Abuse striker features  

Butterfly has software that detects transphobic slurs such as shemale, ladyboy, and shehe. The abuser is given a warning and members even have the option to block abusive users.  


Like someone? Flutter away! You can send a “Flutter” to anyone you’re interested in and would like to connect with.  

Comprehensive Gender options  

Butterfly offers 21 gender options and 10 sexuality options. It allows users to use gender options such as Agender, Bigender, Gender Variant, Intersex, MTF, Pangender, Transgender, Transgender Person, Transgender Female, Transgender Male, Transsexual, Transsexual Male, Transsexual Female, Two-Spirit, etc.  


  • Free app services  

  • Basic membership includes unlimited browsing and communication feature like Flutter  

  • Priority is given to the users’ safety  

  • Profile photos are optional, and the user can blur or crop out their faces if they wish  


⇒ Visit the Official Website of Butterfly 

#2. TS Dates– Highly Trusted Platform To Meet Transgender People Online 

TS Dates
TS Dates

Founded in 1996 in the US, TSDates is a virtual dating platform designed to help transsexuals find people of similar interests. It caters specifically to the members of the LGBTQ+ community. However, it is not against straight individuals.  

It has about 7.5 million plus members around the world. Start chatting with the person you’re interested in and if things go well, you can meet them on a date as well. Check out their web page to see what features they offer. 


Sign up  

The sign-up is simple. Once you click on “SIGN UP”, you have to enter your location and birth details and fill in details about your body type, sexual orientation, etc. 

Instant messaging  

TS dates have the chat and instant messaging option which allows members to chat with each other.  

Gold Membership  

The members can upload as many pictures as they like and can converse with other members for free but to a certain extent. To access all the features available on the website, members have to get the gold membership plan.  



  • Limit on messaging unless paid for  

  • Premium membership is costly  

  • The site has fake profiles  

⇒ Visit the Official Website of TSDates 

#3. AdultFriendFinder– Premium Site For Trans People Looking For Open Relationship 

Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder

It is a trans dating site with more than 80 million users that allows people to share photos, videos, live streams, and blog posts. You will find single as well as married straight people on this website as well as transsexuals.  

You can sign up for free and the registration is quick and simple. You can specify your dating preference while signing up. Its services are available to people all over the world.  

As soon as your registration is complete, you will be redirected to the page where the activities of other members are available.  


Registration requirements  

You can easily register using your basic information, physical attributes, location, preference, profile pictures, personality, and other characteristics.  

Subscription and limits  

You can watch videos and profiles for free on adult friend finder but to add friends, and send and receive messages, you need to upgrade your account to premium.  

With a premium subscription, you can send and receive messages, get on instant chat and enjoy other exclusive features. 


They offer three premium plans which are monthly, three-monthly and annual subscriptions. For one month you have to pay around $39.95.  

It reduces if the number of months you choose is more. For the three-month subscription, you can pay $26.95 per month, and for 12 months you can pay $19.95 per month. 


  • Thousands of like-minded users  

  • The app can be used in multiple languages  

  • Mostly preferred for open relationships  

  • Married people can also subscribe 


⇒ Visit the Official Website of Adult Friend Finder 

#4. My Transgender Cupid–  Most Secured Trans Dating Site For LGBTQ Community 

My Transgender Cupid
My Transgender Cupid

Intending to provide quality dating services to trans women, my transgender cupid is a dating website that helps trans women find long-term relationships with decent men.  

They have transsexuals from the US, Europa, and Asia. It is also open to heterosexuals, gays, lesbians, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community. The site encourages everyone to work towards finding love.  

They take the safety of their members seriously and filter out fake profiles if they come across anyone fishy.  

Your profile stays safe at all times because it is visible to registered users only. Subscription for trans women is completely free whereas men have to subscribe if they want to unlock further features.  


Serious Relationship  

My Transgender cupid was started to encourage serious relationships only. It does not promote casual sex dates. They believe that everyone should have a chance at love and encourage people to sign up to find their right match.  

Focus area  

My transgender cupid mostly focuses on transgender women finding their right match in decent men. They only encourage people who are looking for serious relationships and not casual dating. They have some of the most beautiful trans women registered with them.  

Free and Simple Sign up 

You can sign up on My Transgender Cupid for free for trans women. Men have to pay for a membership if they want to extend their dating experience. The sign-up process is simple.  


The profiles are visible only to members who are logged in. They regularly update their systems and personally surf through every profile to prevent anyone from having malicious access to their website.  

It’s a precautionary measure taken before any serious damage is done. In case any member files a complaint, the complaint is taken into serious consideration till the matter is resolved.  


My transgender cupid is available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Thailand, and the Philippines. 


  • Free sign up  

  • Supports long-term relationships mostly  

  • Quick and easy registration  

  • Sincere transgender dating  

  • Takes action against abusers  

  • Genuine and manually surveyed profiles  

  • Exchange unlimited messages with all members 


⇒ Visit the Official Website of My Transgender Cupid 

#5. Lady Boy Kisses– Top Rated Transexual Dating Site To Meet People Online 

Lady Boy Kisses
Lady Boy Kisses

Ladyboy kisses is one of the best dating websites for people looking to date shemales, transsexuals, Asian ladyboys, etc. It was started in 2006 and has been ranked one of the best dating websites for transsexual dating.  

You do not need to identify your gender or their country of origin to register. The website is dominated by ladyboys looking for a relationship or fun. Just fill in your details and preferences and get started immediately. 



The website does matchmaking for its users. So, the members don’t have to swipe through all the profiles, they will be directed to the profiles that suit their profile.  

The website compares all the profiles, categorizes them as per user preference, and matches the profiles with their right match. You can chat with the person and see if you like them or not. 

Video chat  

Ladyboy kisses offer its users the feature to video chat with their prospective match before they decide to date.  


You can specify in detail the traits you look for in your partner. Specify whether you are looking for a man or a woman, their place of residence, and their age and size.  

Arrange a date  

If you have liked a Ladyboy, chatted with them and got along well, and wish to take your relationship to the next level, you can do so on the website itself. 



⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lady Boy Kisses 

#6. My Transgender Date– Recommended Dating Website For Transexuals 

My Transgender Date
My Transgender Date

A dating website for transsexuals that has a global presence and is available in 11 languages. Founded in 2013 and rebranded in 2021, it was started by transsexual couple Cyril Mazur and Maki Gingoyon.  

The website is safe, fun, and secure for anyone and everyone who is on the lookout for love. With more than a million users worldwide, the website creates an avenue for transsexuals and other members of the LGBTQ community.  

People on My Transgender Date can mingle, chat and date with one another for free though for upgraded services a certain fee is to be paid up. 


Membership Reference plan  

On referring the website to others, you get paid commission. You will get 50% commission for every subscription that happens because of you, the referrer member will stay yours forever and payment is made by bank transfer each month.  

For instance, if the person you refer the website to takes up a subscription for a month you will get 50% commission. The same percent will apply to how many ever number of months the person subscribes for.  

Languages and global reach  

It is available in 11 languages and has members from almost all the countries in the world.  


  • Available in 11 languages  

  • Has members from more than 190 countries  

  • Offers general services for free 


⇒ Visit the Official Website of My Transgender Date 

#7. Tinder– Excellent Casual Hookup Site For Trans People To Find Love 


Tinder has been the game changer in the online dating sector. Many people owe their successful relationship to Tinder. It is considered as a hookup app but that is not correct. There are testimonials which prove how the app has helped so many people find their right partner.  

Earlier it was majorly used by straight single men and straight women. Tinder realized how the Trans community was subjected to tremendous bias in the dating scene and decided to start trans dating as well. On July 14, 2020, Tinder began rolling out more genders on a global platform.  

You can download the app, make a profile which can be linked to your Facebook account, fill in your preferences and get swiping. The features for trans dating are very similar to straight dating. Get on to it and swipe away! 


Subscription tiers  

Subscription on Tinder is available in 3 tiers. There is Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. Tinder Plus. With Tinder Plus you can send more “super likes” along with a free profile boost every month.  

Safety and Security  

Tinder added the new Security feature in which you can take an instant snap and submit to prove that it is you who is in your profile picture. Once you do this, you get a verified certification from Tinder showing that your account is genuine.  

Apart from that, it is affiliated with Noonlight, an app that helps track your location if you go to meet your date. It even discreetly triggers an alarm if you feel unsafe at your meet.  


Tinder plus membership is priced at $9.99 if you’re below 30 and $19.99 if you are above 30. Tinder Gold shall cost you $29.99 per month and Tinder Platinum shall cost you $39.99 per month. 


You can start a conversation with another tinder user only once you and the other tinder user have mutually liked each other.  


  • Large number of users globally 

  • It is LGBT-friendly with 50 gender identities and 9 sexual orientations  

  • Successful marriages have been reported  

  • Takes action against abusers 


⇒ Visit the Official Website of Tinder 

#8. Date A CrossDresser– Best Platform To Make A Dating Profile For Finding Trans People 

Date A CrossDresser
Date A CrossDresser

If you’re one of those who likes cross dressing and wishes to date one you can log into this site. They specifically welcome crossdressers who can’t find people with mutual interests elsewhere. They don’t advocate serious relationships and it’s a site purely meant for entertainment.  

They house crossdressers from all states in the US. It’s like every other dating website, however, this website is meant for those looking for casual hook-ups. At least you can start off that way and you never know you just might end up finding your true love. 


Sign up  

The sign up on Date a crossdresser is free. 


Date crossdressers are available in every state making it easy to find a match in every city.  

Age group  

There are cross dressers of all age groups. You will find people from age 18 to 60 on this website showing a different side of themselves. 

Who’s online  

The who’s online feature on the website makes dating simple. It allows members to view who is currently on the site. This way you can send them a message and get a reply instantly. 



  • Not very popular  

  • Complex web design 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Date a CrossDresser 

#9. Taimi–   Largest Trans Dating App For Long Term Relationship 


Taimi is the world’s largest LGBTQ+ dating app that has been designed especially for the LGBTQ+ community. It has more than 10 million users. Whether you’re looking for a short-term relationship or a long-term relationship, you can log into this website and find what you seek.  

The website itself is so vibrant and unique that you’re definitely going to want to give it a try. With million+ users on the platform, more than 2 million live streams, and more than 1.2 billion likes, Taimi is used in 138 countries.  

The app caters to the needs of so many people in so many ways. The app is legit and safe to use. Transsexuals and all members of the LGBTQ community can find casual as well as serious relationships here.  


Member satisfaction  

Taimi focuses immensely on satisfying their clients. They provide aid to their members in whatever way they can. They take their members’ suggestions into consideration and work on them.  

Rainbow likes  

With the Rainbow likes feature, you can get 3x times more matches which can speed up your dating life.  


You can use the Digest feature to share your thoughts and ideas through posts and stories.  


You can create and follow groups and stay updated about all the happenings in the community. 

Additional features  

You can create and post stories, host live streams, interact over video calls, join streaming sessions, become influencers, and share your profile.  



⇒ Visit the Official Website of Taimi 

#10. TG Personals– Popular Online Dating Site For Trans Woman & Men 

TG Personals
TG Personals

TG personals is a website that is meant only for hook-ups and casual relationships. It is meant for the people of the LGBTQ community. It was founded by Mark Kasper in 1999 when he was in college as he was subjected to bullying because of his sexual preference.  

Only then he created this website so that people could find their partners without having to worry about what others think or say. Additionally, it can be used for free because Mark believes that no one should have to worry about money when it comes to love or some fun.  

The site has people of all sexual preferences and age between 20 and 35 and for signing up you don’t need to register with your email address. So, if you’re looking for some fun, you can definitely check out this site. 


Pricing and Registration  

The registration on TG personals is free of cost. Matching and messaging are also free. You can post and comment on blogs for free. For upgraded membership, they do charge a small fee that ranges between $29 and $100 approximately. 


You can create and publish posts about your opinions.  


You can add people as friends and see what they are up to all day. Their profiles will be visible on your dashboard. 


If you like someone, you can add them as your crush. Once you crush on someone on this website, they shall get notified and if they like you back, you will be listed in each other’s crush folder from where you can start chatting. 


If you like someone, you can start a conversation with them by sending them a message.  


  • Simple user-interface  

  • Email verification not needed  

  • Permits double dates a night  

  • Completely free  


⇒ Visit the Official Website of TG Personals 

Staying Safe on These Trans Dating Sites and Apps You Will Actually Want To Use 

We want our readers to be safe when they look up online dating sites to come across like-minded individuals to find their right partner.  

You can follow these steps and be certain that you’re safe and find fruitful results: 

Looking up your prospective date before meeting them is a good idea. It is not necessarily considered stalking thus don’t worry about the pretentious social norms. Check out their social media accounts considering they have one.  

Dig up as much information as possible because you don’t want to end up on a date with some sociopath or creep. Yeah, so looking up your prospective date is something you cannot skip. 

  • Inform Your Friends or Relatives  

Just inform a friend or a family member about your outing with whoever you have a date planned with and where you plan to meet him/her. You can use mobile trackers or send your location to your friend once you reach the venue. 

  • Caution While Over-Sharing Information  

Don’t blabber out your confidential details about your life to a stranger. Online dating scams have been a bane to the world of online dating. Don’t trust just anyone blindly and beware of the scammers. Don’t show off how wealthy you are.  

  • Identity Protection   

Now anyone can find your entire information using the reverse image search feature. Anyone can use our current profile picture and use it to find related images.  

If you have used the same picture for your dating profile and your other social media profiles, anyone can use them to find them and find other details about you.  

  • Remain Sober on Your First Meeting  

When you go on a date with a stranger, avoid drinking alcohol. You don’t want anyone to take advantage of your intoxicated state.  

If you go to a bar with a stranger, don’t get carried away and start getting high. You could always go for a coffee or a dinner date if you’re not confident about your date.  

  • Turn Down the Free Ride  

If your date offers to drive you home, skip it. You don’t know the person and therefore should not give them access to your home or street.  

Only once you’re sure that the person you went on a date with is safe and worthy of trust, you should take up their offer to drive you home after the date.  

Hold that thought! We aren’t suggesting you go public about your dating scene. What we are trying to imply is that it’s better if you go to a public place rather than someone’s apartment.  

You can go to a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, park, movie theater, etc. Meet anywhere as long as you’re surrounded by people. 

FAQs On Transgender Dating Sites: 

Q1. What Should You Post on Your Dating Profile? 

Being clear about your preference from the beginning is a good idea. Select your gender preference initially and save yourself the effort of flipping through profiles that don’t interest you. Put up your best pictures, share your interests and hobbies, and what you seek in your match.  

Q2. What Should You Not Post on Your Dating Profile? 

Do not post your residential addresses or your place of work. Do not mention how much you earn, don’t mention your life details, or details about your family members, and avoid posting pictures of your family members.  

Q3. Who Do Trans People Date? 

Transgender dating is diverse and includes people of all sexualities and gender identities looking for Love. A transgender may date cisgender and heterosexual men and women.  

They may also date gay members of the LGBTQ community who are straight or cisgender. As stated before, transsexual dating is diverse and includes many people.  

Q4. Does Dating a Trans Person Mean You Are Gay? 

Dating a Trans person does not mean you are Gay. If you’re transgender, it is completely alright to be attracted to multiple characteristics of a transgender man or woman.  

If you like a woman who has a penis does not mean you are gay. You are bisexual and it is okay if you have no problem with it. 

Q5. What Are the LGBTQ Terms?  

Crossdresser/Transvestite: a crossdresser is a man who sometimes dresses in a woman’s clothing for amusement or sexual amusement.  

Transgender woman: a transgender woman is a woman who was born a male but transitioned to female. 

Transgender Man: a transgender man is a person who was born a woman but has transitioned to a woman. 

Shemale/Tranny/Transsexual: other terms used for transsexual people but are meant to be derogatory.  

Cisgender: a man or woman who identifies as the gender assigned to them at birth.  

Binary/Non-Binary/Gender queer/ Gender fluid: one who does not characterize as male or female but has characteristics of both. They may not seem like a typical man or woman. They usually easily switch between both sexes.  

Q6. What Is A TS Male? 

A TS male is a person who was born female at birth but chose to transition to a man later and started identifying themselves as male later on. They may go through certain surgeries which help them transition to the opposite sex. 

Q7. What Is A TS Woman? 

A TS woman is one who was born a male but got himself transitioned to a female. They get surgeries if they want their penis removed and wish to get a vagina or breasts.  

Some like their chest hair and penis so they don’t get surgery to get that removed. They are also sometimes called “ladyboys”.  

Q8. How To Stay Safe When Dating Online? 

Whenever you decide to Date online, make sure the website is a reliable one. If you’re looking to date in the trans crowd, you should log into sites that cater to the needs of the trans sector.  

Do not use the same picture for your dating profile picture and your social media profile picture as there are chances that the other person can use your picture to find out all your information.  

Avoid meeting in private. Don’t give out any confidential information. Avoid drinking alcohol if you’re going to meet a stranger, there are more safety measures you should follow. You can read the ‘how to remain safe’ section.  

Q9. How To Not Waste Time Dating Online? 

If you’re a transsexual looking for someone with similar interests, you should check out websites that offer such services only.  

You can set out your preferences right at the start so that only compatible profiles match yours. You should mention your gender details and the people you’re interested in.  

Q10. How Many Photos Should You Post on A Dating Profile? 

You can post between 4 to 6 pictures. Avoid using the same pictures you use for your social media profile because anyone can use the “reverse image” feature. They can use your picture to extract all your information available online.  

Q11. What Are the Do’s of Online Dating? 

Set your preferences clearly, Post pictures that are not similar to the ones you post on social media profiles, have an open mind, stay true to your personality, be vigilant, have a polite conversation, be real and most importantly follow your instincts.  

Q12. What Are The Don’ts Of Online Dating?  

Don’t act desperate, don’t give out your private details with a stranger, don’t meet in private, don’t get drunk on your first meeting with your date, don’t cry about your past relationships or family issues, etc. 

Q13. What Is the Correct Virtual Dating Etiquette? 

Avoid having political debates if you have varying views from that of your match, don’t send multiple messages at one time, don’t reply after a long gap, don’t use demeaning language, don’t pass judgmental comments, be polite and real, etc. 

Concluding On The Best Online Dating Sites & Apps For Trans People 

Since the members of the trans community have been facing difficulty finding the right transsexual and transgender dating sites to find their right match, they have been feeling left out. The purpose of this article is to help people find their dream partner regardless of their sexual preference.  

The websites mentioned above are the best for transsexual dating and cater to both trans men and women. The sites are featured in some of the best magazines and used by people all over the world.  

All the sites offer different and excellent services, and we are certain that you will not have to worry about finding your match any longer. You can look up these sites and check them out yourself and hopefully find your right match. 

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