#trending: Singaporeans praised for sense of humour over post claiming Jewel’s Rain Vortex is at Scottish shopping mall | #datingscams | #lovescams

Unsurprisingly, his new Singaporean viewers provide a welcome contrast to the “haters”. In a follow-up post on Tuesday (July 19), the Travel Scotland owner said: “Can’t believe there are people from Singapore who have hijacked my comments section on this post and their comments are brilliant.”

Fans of the page responded with praise for the commenters, noting that there are “not many countries that would get the banter” and calling it a “peak Travel Scotland moment”.

One remarked: “A sense of humour is alive and well in Singapore!”

Some even called it “an omen”, saying that the comments had made them “even more determined to visit Singapore someday”.

For the curious, the Almondvale Shopping Centre does exist in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland, though it is now simply called “The Centre”. One of Scotland’s largest shopping centres, it may not have a Rain Vortex, but it does have a glass roof of its own.

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