Urgent DPD scam warning issued to people who get home parcel deliveries | #datingscams | #lovescams

Brits are being warned about a new scam which sees fraudsters impersonate DPD drivers in a bid to intercept parcels delivered to you. The scam works when cybercriminals use someone else’s bank details to have a package delivered to the wrong address – at which point criminals try to ask for it back while dressed as an official delivery worker.

Because the occupant never placed the order, they’re more than likely to hand the parcel back under the assumption that it was in fact meant for somebody else. One social media user recently took to TikTok to raise awareness of the scam, with plenty of people saying they had experienced something similar.

Taking to TikTok, @shonelise said that she was speaking on the phone with a pal who had received a parcel from Sky addressed to her dad. But moments after receiving the parcel, a person dressed in a DPD uniform knocked on the door to say it had been delivered by mistake.

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The Mirror reports that she said: “My best friend told them ‘no it has my address and dad’s name, it’s clearly meant for this address. If there’s anything wrong with it we will contact Sky directly’. He went away in a huff, and my friend and her mum thought it was weird.

“They opened the parcel, as you would, because they wanted to see what the fuss was about. In the parcel was an iPhone 14 with a sim card. Her dad hadn’t ordered a phone so obviously someone had taken out a contract, paid upfront and had it delivered to their address.

“So her dad comes home, rings Sky to say a phone been delivered and that he didn’t order it. He asked them ‘can you look into it, someone’s obviously fraudulently used my details’. They looked into it and found the account the phone was ordered off of – there were actually two phones ordered.

“One had been delivered the Friday previous, and nobody was home at that time. It said on their system that someone had intercepted the delivery at their front door. So someone was obviously waiting at their front door to collect this parcel. Because they got lucky that time they obviously thought ‘well let me do it again might be able to get another one out of this’.

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