Vladimir Putin’s bizarre bed bugs invasion rant strengthens critics’ death claims | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

Paranoid President Vladimir Putin or his ‘understudy’ – is calling for a sanction on western countries as he fears a bed bugs surge will spread to Russia.

The Kremlin head has claimed there is ‘less chance’ of fighting off the creepy crawlies if they bring in harsher restrictions on who and what can come in and out of Russia. But the bizarre rant, now posted to Telegram, has turned heads to the possibility of a doppelgänger.

Rumours circulating the apparent death of the 71-year-old president are yet to be confirmed though a social media post relating to bed bugs could be an indicator of an “understudy” acting on behalf of Putin.

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Blasting western powers for a proposed ban of imports on ‘screwdrivers and needles’, warmonger Putin hit back, saying there would be ‘less chance that bed bugs’ could make their way into the country.

Putin raged against bed bugs in a bizarre post which is now said to be evidence of a stand-in leader (stock)(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A statement from Putin read: “In their fantasies they reach the point of absurdity. [The West] propose to ban the import of screwdrivers, needles, and so on, into Russia. Well, the less junk, the better, perhaps. There is less chance that bed bugs will be exported to us from large European cities.”

Telegram channel SVR has since branded the statement from Putin as being from an ‘understudy’ working on behalf of the allegedly deceased head of Russia. Should the bed bug worries be from Putin himself though, the channel branded him a ‘complete idiot’.

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