Warning issued over DVLA scam that could completely empty your bank account | #datingscams | #lovescams

Motorists have been urged to stay vigilant against scammers after DVLA issued a warning over a new hoax.

The government agency regularly warns drivers over new scams that try to either steal your details or your money – and the latest alleges that you are due money from DVLA.

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The scam text says that your vehicle tax has been “recalculated” and tells people to follow a link to claim it back – and by entering your bank or card details, you’ve played into the scammers’ hands.

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Other common DVLA scams include:

  • DVLA final request text scam – This scam will usually have capitalised letters such as ‘ACTION REQUIRED’ or ‘FINAL REQUEST’ along with a link.
  • DVLA vehicle tax refund scam – A common scam text that warns people about an outstanding vehicle-tax refund and usually includes the amount you’re supposedly owed, e.g. £53.20 and a link.
  • DVLA trying to contact you text scam – In this scam text, people are told that the DVLA has been trying to contact them and that action is required, along with a link.

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