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Chicken Licken’s brought back ‘Big John’ for its humorous TV ad inspired by the new Black Panther movie, Wakanda Forever.

Ornico Group CEO Oresti Patricios talks the week’s advertising heroes and zeros on The Money Show.

– Chicken Licken’s new “Big John” TV spot is the pick for this week’s advertising “hero” on The Money Show.

– The parody is inspired by the Black Panther franchise and proclaims “Big John beats Ya’hunga forever”.

Screengrab from Chicken Licken SA’s new #BigJohn TV ad

As ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ premiered in South Africa, Chicken Licken jumped on the bandwagon with its own clever spoof of the movie franchise.

The chicken chain revived its big burger legend with an African queen setting down in Cape Town in a futuristic spaceship, her warriors on a desperate mission to find “Big John”.

“Big John beats Ya’hunga forever” the ad proclaims.

The entire campaign is styled like the real thing, but with a South African twist.

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“Epic! Why don’t we have more local content produced on this level?” reads one comment on the ad.

Viewers especially loved the truly South African touches like a window cleaner appearing immediately to start washing the spaceship’s “windscreen” and a traffic cop outraged at how they “parked”.

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Advertising expert Oresti Patricios (CEO of the Ornico Group) says when the campaign landed it blew his original options for advertising hero of the week right out of the water.

All of a sudden, just before the Wakanda movie comes out, out comes Chicken Licken with this most incredible ad that will win awards not only in South Africa but internationally.

Oresti Patricios, CEO – Ornico Group

Chicken Licken has actually created some double-digit growth in their product, and that’s what you do advertising for…

Oresti Patricios, CEO – Ornico Group

What is also incredible says Patricios, is that this latest ad out-trended the actual movie on social media.

Watch the Chicken Licken ad below:

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