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When ‘Bling Empire’ debuted on Netflix in 2021, it was one of the first American reality television series focused on the lives of East Asian and East Asian-American socialites based in Los Angeles. Season 1 featured real-life ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ partying, feuding, and spending extravagant amounts of money.

One of the show’s leads, Kelly Mi Li is also the executive producer of the show. In Season 1, her relationship dynamic with Andrew Gray, an actor once known for playing the Red Power Ranger, was very unpopular with the show’s fans because of how he treated her. The pair have separated and fans will be delighted to learn that Andrew will not be returning for Season 2. However, he was not the only toxic ex in Kelly’s life. In season 1, Kelly revealed that she was previously married to a man who turned out to be a criminal. Scroll down to find out more.


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“I moved to Los Angeles for two reasons: One is to run away from a boy. Two is to chase a boy,” Kelly explained on the premiere episode of ‘Bling Empire’. As hinted at in the first season, Kelly was once married to Lin Miao, the founder and CEO of a texting company. The pair got married after three years of dating each other. However, the fairytale was short-lived as Lin was arrested for running one of the largest cyber scams in American history. Lin and his co-conspirators ran a multi-million-dollar scam to charge text message services on consumers’ bills without their permission.


According to The Sun, Lin pled guilty and received a supervised release for his cooperation with authorities. By the time she discovered her ex-husband’s legal problems, Kelly was already separated from him and they were living in different households. Kelly filed for divorce in November 2014 and the following year, the divorce was finalized. According to Kelly, the couple’s assets were frozen and they gave the government roughly $168 million. As a result, Kelly was left with virtually nothing.


How did Kelly become a millionaire and what is her net worth?

Despite her disastrous marriage, Kelly managed to succeed in her professional life by working hard. She moved to Los Angeles and worked in real estate development as well as in the food and beverage industry. She eventually entered the tech industry and made investments in several IT ventures like MeUndies, Nature Box, and Change.org, among others. Kelly also stepped foot in the entertainment industry and has produced a number of films and television shows, including ‘The Swing Things,’ ‘Spilt Milk,’ ‘AMP House,’ ‘Ice Moon Rising,’ ‘Interface,’ and many others. Thanks to her investments, Kelly Mi Li’s net worth is estimated at $5 million in 2022. 


You can catch Kelly Mi Li and the rest of the cast on Season 2 of ‘Bling Empire’ on Netflix on May 13.

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