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Weza Matomane is undoubtedly one of the country’s most prolific voice-over artists and radio presenters.

Relebogile Mabotja speaks to South African radio presenter and voice-over artist, Weza Matomane, about what he’s learned along the way to becoming one of the country’s most recognisable voices.

As the man behind ‘Shoprite’s lowest prices!’, his voice is instantly recognisable, containing a certain flair, charisma, and persuasion that has set him apart.

Though many may underestimate the job, being a voice-over artist takes more than just having the voice for radio.

It’s also about being able to use it, take direction, and being versatile enough to apply that voice in a range of different bags, says Matomane.

Being able to, first of all, have quite a wide range, even in terms of emotions when you deliver, and then secondly, in characterisation or accents, that makes you more bookable. It opens up your field as to how many different types of bookings that you accumulate… The more you develop yourself in all these other areas, the more you’re opening yourself to more opportunities.

 Weza Matomane, radio presenter and voice-over artist

It’s this level of skill and tenacity that allows Matomane to be able to handle what others may perceive as rejection when clients give a seemingly endless amount of criticism.

The feeling I’m having right now [in long sessions], frustration, is going to be temporary but this voice-over that I’m going to do right now, might be something that will play for so long and by that time, by the time I get paid and by the time I hear it again, I’ll probably have forgotten how I felt today.

 Weza Matomane, radio presenter and voice-over artist

It’s so important to understand that you are also in the business for yourself because your voice is your product, and you are the business, and these people here in that same room that’s criticising you today and saying, ‘hey, can you do this differently?’, they are the ones who are going to either book you or be part of the reason you get that next big thing.

 Weza Matomane, radio presenter and voice over artist

Another thing that keeps Matomane going is the self-awareness that this is what he’s passionate about, likening voice-over work to having a really cool job.

When I approach the session with that humility and, also, of knowing that this is by far one of the coolest jobs in the world!

 Weza Matomane, radio presenter and voice-over artist

Scroll up to hear Matomane absolutely kill it (in a range of voices).

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