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The bargain hunters among us all love a browse on Facebook Marketplace.

It’s a quick and easy way to eye up (and sell) goods at a decent price. A great way to bag some bargains and save some money.

The only thing is, when something becomes popular, it can attract unwanted attention. Lately, scammers have been using the platform to target vulnerable buyers.

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Earlier this year it was confirmed that Facebook was launching a crack down on a rising scam epidemic that’s taken over its Marketplace e-commerce platform. It was revealed that an online scammer stole thousands of pounds from people by using a “triangle scheme” to trick them.

High Street bank TSB predict around 65,000 people in the UK lost £37.5 million through Facebook Marketplace in 2022. Meanwhile, Lloyds Bank also uncovered the number of purchase scams involving Facebook Marketplace leapt by 75% in 2023.

But there are things you can do if you fall victim. Refundee help fraud victims get their money back and have successfully recovered over £20 million victims in the UK. Refundee’s Stuart McFadden spoke exclusively to Daily Star to share the best tips on how to keep your cash safe.

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