What We Can Learn From the Month’s Best Ads | by Christine | Oct, 2023 | #datingscams | #lovescams

This is the perfect formula for organic self-improvement

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The internet is a world of knowledge. Every day we come across countless advertisements everywhere. There is always something new to learn. And today we seek to improve our campaigns by learning from the most creative campaigns of the month. Our organic self-improvement begins now.

Let’s break down the three most engaged ads of October. Let’s dissect them and learn what made them so eye-catching. Let’s hone them in and find out what big brands are doing to create these types of ads and whether they’re actually delivering results.

In short, we will learn how to create fantastic ads just by looking at the ads that big companies are making. But first, let’s break down each ad, and only then will we talk about what we can learn from them and how to use them in our own campaigns.

So it’s time to open our minds and start thinking. Let’s go!

1. Tinder’s Campaign Against Romance Scams

On October 3rd, Tinder launched an advertising campaign against romantic scams on its dating app. And this would be just another normal campaign if it weren’t for the big “plot twist” that the dating giant took advantage of.

Yes. For those who thought that Tinder’s advertising campaign was just in honor of the 15th anniversary of the film Mean Girls, you guessed wrong. It turns out that October 3rd is also considered World Romantic Scam Prevention Day and this completely changed the way people saw this announcement.

With a PSA aimed at younger audiences, breaking the idea that romantic scams only happen to older audiences, Tinder showed that it knows what it’s doing and taught its users that they shouldn’t trust all the “romantic couples” on the internet. platform.

With the slogan: “Swipe left against online fraudsters, the campaign had significant momentum that mobilized many people online. Perhaps because it has such a handsome actor starring in the scene or because it shows young people that it is not just old people who suffer fraud, this campaign gained great proportions and fulfilled its main objective: to warn its users about the high chances of…

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