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Other Lebanese disapprove of the group, saying it pushes their country into conflict situations.

How was Hezbollah created?

The group was founded in 1982 during the chaos of the 15-year Lebanese Civil War, which started in 1975 and saw various sectors of Lebanese society — including Muslims, Christians, left-wingers and Arab nationalists — turn on each other.

Syria and armed Palestinian groups were also involved at the time.

Then, “amid [Lebanese] infighting, Israeli forces invaded southern Lebanon in 1978 and again in 1982 to expel Palestinian guerrilla fighters that used the region as their base to attack Israel,” the CFR wrote.

A group of Shiite Muslims decided to fight the Israeli forces. Seeing an opportunity for influence in the Arab world, Iran — a Persian-majority state — began to train and fund the newly formed militia. Iran is currently behind a number of proxies around the Middle East, including Hamas in the Palestinian territories and militia groups in Iraq. The US government recently estimated that Iran funds Hezbollah to the tune of around $700 million (€661 million) annually. 

Over time, Hezbollah’s armed wing has gained a reputation for extremism because of the way it attacked other groups in Lebanon and its staging of terror attacks on foreign targets, including suicide bombings and assassinations.

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