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A WhatsApp scam to look out for has returned and many people have fallen for the hack. As more and more people now spend time on WhatsApp during the lockdown period, hackers and opportunists have “repackaged” the message scam. Many users have so far fallen for the scam which takes over your WhatsApp.  Here’s everything about the WhatsApp scam to look out for.

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform which is owned by Facebook boasts over 2 billion users worldwide is the ultimate haven for hackers who prey on unsuspecting users who are not tech-savvy. Fans worldwide have been placed on high alert as a WhatsApp scam to look out for allows hackers full access to every WhatsApp message, photo or video you’ve ever sent has reappeared as people are now turning to the popular app to stay in touch with loved ones during the lockdown. People are being advised to look out for the WhatsApp scam.

The new WhatsApp scam to look out for.

Unlike most scams, this WhatsApp scam to look out for actually gives criminals complete access to your messaging app account – which could enable them to talk to your loved ones, leaving friends and family at risk. South African celebrities have been the victim of this hack. Papa Penny was targeted and his family and friends lost over R40 000. Also, Uzalo’s Dawn Thandeka King fell for the trick earlier this year.

WhatsApp Hack

Whenever you upgrade your smartphone via Play Store in Android or the Apple Store,  WhatsApp always asks you to verify your identity using your phone number before allowing you access to any backed-up chats. A six-digit code is then sent to your phone for verification. It’s this six-digit code that hackers need to get their hands on to gain access to your account.

If they already know your phone number – either because of a previous leak that left some of your personal data exposed to hackers or because they personally know you – then they can put the number into a new installation of WhatsApp on their phone. To verify the identity of the person trying to log into your WhatsApp will send a randomly generated six-digit code in a text message to the phone number. This won’t go to the hackers, this will go to your phone.

Next, the hackers will send a text to you – making an excuse for the six-digit code being sent to you – and asking you to forward it.

As soon as you send them the code, WhatsApp believes that it’s a genuine attempt to login to your account and will enable the chat on the hackers’ smartphone. As far as your contacts are concerned, the hackers are now you and can continue to send texts in your WhatsApp conversations, or group chats as you. From there, they are free to do as ish. The best way to avoid this is to never forward messages to people pretending to be from WhatsApp or anyone wanting a code. This is the new WhatsApp scam to look out for.

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