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WhatsApp is urging all of its users to make one simple change to their settings that could prevent them from becoming the victim of a scam. The messaging app has reminded its billions of users worldwide of some key steps to counter cyber attacks amid a worrying resurgence in text scams.

The Meta-owned social network is a constant target for thieves due to its popularity, but there are simple ways to avoid becoming a victim, Mirror Online reports. One of the key things you can do is to ensure that your profile picture is private.

WhatsApp says allowing only your contacts to see your profile picture is an easy way to keep your identity safe. It means that strangers cannot view the photo or steal it in a bid to trick friends or contacts into believing that they are speaking to you.

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If you have a private profile picture, you are less likely to fall victim to the dreaded ‘friend in need’ scam, in which the hacker pretends to be a close family member and asks for money to be transferred. They usually use an elaborate story such as their phone or wallet being lost or stolen.

It is thought that thousands of pounds have been stolen using this method and it continues to be a favoured tactic used by online crooks. Luckily, it’s easy to change your settings in a bid to stay protected.

To make your profile picture visible only to your contacts go to Settings > Privacy > Profile Picture > then change to My contacts.

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