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Wallis Wang

Good-looking men and women are more likely to stay single in Hong Kong, a mobile dating application found in a survey conducted ahead of “Singles’ Day” on Saturday.

Dating app JustDating found people with attractive looks tend to be single after analyzing data from the app’s top 100 most popular users.

More than 70 percent of the popular users were assumed to always be “in a relationship” and found difficulty finding eternal love.

Nearly half said that their good looks make their partner insecure in a relationship, eventually leading to a breakup.

”These individuals have long been troubled by the stereotype that good-looking people are always in relationships,” JD said.

”As the upcoming Singles’ Day approaches, these attractive single men and women are actively seeking to break free from singledom, willing to meet more online friends and arrange dates.”

The app also interviewed 1,300 of its Hong Kong users, aged 22 to 45, between October 5 and 25, and found 77 percent of single men and women to believe they must find a partner and avoid being single on 11/11.

”[They are] actively inviting online friends for face-to-face dates to break free from the single life. This group of singles eager for dates range from 27 to 33 years old, sending up to 20 dating invitations to friends on the app every day,” it said.

The app found that its Hong Kong users would arrange in-person dates after chatting for an average of 3.2 hours only, and they usually have minimal expectations.

”Males aged 28 to 32 are the least content with solitude, initiating date invitations after chatting an average of 2.5 hours and are willing to cover all expenses for the romantic dining experiences,” it said.

The survey also showed that Hongkongers working in the technology and aviation industries have the highest willingness to date as they accept to hook up with over 60 percent of dating invitations.

It added that public servants and healthcare professionals are keen to seek a relationship and expand their social circles.

Yubi Wong Ka-yu, co-founder of HK Romance Dating, told The Standard yesterday that single people with good looks and high salaries usually have more concerns when looking for a mate.

”They also considered whether friends and parents will accept their new partner and whether they can find an even better one,” she said.

Male engineers, architects and doctors with high incomes and long work hours typically have more concerns when looking for a girlfriend, Wong said, while female nurses, teachers and senior civil servants have even more.

She also said those working in the IT sector, especially men, may remain single as few women work in the industry. She added that they usually have long work hours, leaving them with less time to find a girlfriend.

Some female flight attendants also have difficulties maintaining a stable relationship, as they do not have access to a network in-flight and couldn’t respond to their partner’s needs, making them insecure, Wong said.

But she said youngsters have low expectations from such apps because of scams.

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