Why a parent dating someone new can have such an impact on adult children | #datingscams | #lovescams

It goes without saying that watching a parent re-partner with someone new can have a huge impact — at any age.

If you’re a child, the prospect of living with a new step-parent can prove a difficult adjustment.

But what happens when you’re an adult?

Regardless of how old you are, it can “come as a shock”, says clinical psychologist Nasreen Yasin, and has the potential to alter your family dynamics.

Understanding your own response is an important first step. Here’s what the experts recommend.

Understanding your own response

Relationships Australia CEO Elisabeth Shaw says the surprise that comes with a parent re-partnering might also be due to your preconceived assumptions — like that a parent of a certain age shouldn’t be interested in dating, or should be focusing on their children and grandchildren.

“Given those norms around older people being less sexual beings, there’s a lot of confrontation in seeing your parent date, and seeing them step out of the role you’ve had them in,” Ms Shaw says.

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