Woman accused of conning RI widower out of $80K | #lovescams | #datingapps

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — An Indiana woman is facing charges for defrauding a 96-year-old Coventry widower of approximately $80,000, according to United States Attorney Zachary Cunha.

Brittany Rakia Shawnai Lasley, 32, has been charged with five counts of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft.

Lasley met her victim through the online dating app “Plenty of Fish.”

Through a fake profile, Cunha said Lasley, “promptly began a campaign to persuade the victim to provide her with money, credit cards, gift cards and his personal identifying information.”

Lasley reportedly told the victim she needed the money, “to improve her home, repair her vehicle, travel to Rhode Island and obtain medical treatment,” according to court documents obtained by 12 News.

Cunha said Lasley promised the victim that, if he provided her with the money, she would make an effort to meet him in person so the two could “foster a romantic relationship.”

The victim gave Lasley more than 50 prepaid money gift cards, along with the unique login information necessary to redeem them, according to prosecutors.

Cunha said Lasley also gained access to the victim’s credit card and checking account, which she used to make a number of unauthorized purchases.

Those purchases, according to court documents, included additional gift cards, car wraps, scratch tickets, gas and admission to a water park.

Cunha said Lasley gained access to the victim’s credit card account at another bank by claiming to be his daughter.

Lasley is currently in custody on unrelated charges.

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