Woman ditches dream Egypt holiday early – ‘I’ve never felt so uncomfortable’ | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

Grace Cheng, better known as @gracietravels, did not have a great time in Egypt, where she had to navigate lots of scammers and felt like she was being stared at in an uncomfortable way

One visitor to Egypt reported having an intense and unpleasant time (Getty Images)

A travel influencer has left a ‘dream holiday’ in Egypt having felt uncomfortable the entire time, she claimed.

Grace Cheng, better known as @gracietravels, spent a week in the northeast African country, visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and generally following the tried and tested tourist trail. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the majesty of the ancient culture, Grace was left less than impressed.

The TikToker claimed that “aggressive” scammers made her trip a misery and had her feeling as if she couldn’t trust anybody. According to Grace, the tourist hotspots in the country are well populated with people hustling for some cash from visitors.

“I felt so uncomfortable visiting Egypt… Scamming is a big issue here and I didn’t really know how big it was as a first timer. The hustle culture here is insane. Everywhere we went it was non-stop begging for us to pay for something. If I’m being completely honest, I did not feel safe here,” Grace said.

One tip she offered to those visiting Egypt is to refuse anyone’s attempt to take a picture of you, place anything in your hand or offer to show you the way somewhere. She claimed that such efforts are usually followed by a demand for money.

Grace said she “didn’t even feel safe’ even with a tour guide by her side” as the person showing them the sights “had a lot of friends in the area and they just kept offering us tons and tons of upgrades, like climbing a rock to get a picture with the background”.

She recommended making concerted efforts to find a good tour guide to help you navigate the intense situation around the big tourist attractions. “That being said though, if you have a good tour guide they will know what’s real and fake when it comes to scamming. So for that you can trust them,” the traveller added.

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