Woman Shares How She Trolled A Scammer On WhatsApp, Internet Calls It “Brilliant” | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

The person asked her to like and subscribe to a YouTube video to get paid.

With the significant rise in the use of digital systems over the years, scammers have been devising new ways to dupe gullible people. However, what happened when a woman trolled a scammer who tried to dupe her using WhatsApp has left the internet in splits. 

Taking to Twitter, user Udita Pal, the co-founder of Bengaluru-based Salt, a fintech platform that facilitates international transactions, shared a post on how someone tried duping her using the messenger app. But what left the internet chuckling was her way of handling the situation and her replies to the scammer. 

“I’m going to hell for this.” Ms Pal wrote while sharing a series of screenshots of the WhatsApp chat to show her communication with the scammer. 

Take a look below: 

The scam offered Ms Pal a fake job. The person asked her to like and subscribe to a YouTube video to get paid. “You don’t have to pay any fee, you just have to spend a few minutes on your mobile phone and you will get one hundred and fifty !” the message from the scammer read. 

Further, the person told Ms Pal that he will be assigning her three tasks, the first one being liking a YouTube video and subscribing to the channel. “Watch for only 10 seconds. If you finish send me a screenshot,” he said. To this, Ms Pal responded “okay doing” and then shared a screenshot of a different YouTube video with a hilarious title “Caught some idiot trying to scam”. 

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Ms Pal shared the screenshots of her WhatsApp chat on Friday and since then her post has accumulated more than 1,200 likes and several reactions. In the comment section, while some users called her chat “brilliant”, others simply flooded the section with laughing emojis.

“I was also offered this job opportunity a few days back. Now, I’m planning to retire early,” wrote one user. “You should have offered them Salt for their cross border payments to their employees who are busy in liking YouTube videos from abroad,” jokingly suggested another. 

A third user said, “I did something less creative but felt good as well. I replied with a voice note that lasted 20 secs. Contained sounds of me mimicking a giant vomit and loud farts that end runny, and then I blocked the number,” while a fourth jokingly added, “The worst part is the names. I actually asked how do you come up with these foreign names”. 

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