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WhatsApp is widely used by people all across the world. Undoubtedly, this platform makes communication easier for the users. However, its rising popularity has also turned it into a platform that scammers are using to trick people. A Twitter user recently shared a post on how someone tried duping her using the platform. What left people chuckling is her way of handling the situation and her replies to the scammer. Furthermore, the now-viral tweet also highlights what kind of messages on WhatsApp are best to avoid.

Screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation between a Twitter user and a scammer.(Twitter/@i_Udita)

Twitter user Udita Pal, who is a co-founder of a neo banking solution, shared a series of screenshots to show her communication with a scammer on WhatsApp. People posted different comments while reacting to her post. A few also wondered how the scam works.

The scam, colloquially called ‘ 50 scam’, offers fake job opportunities to people through platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and LinkedIn. The scammers ask people to like and subscribe to YouTube videos to get paid. To gain the trust of the victims, at times, the scammers also pay a small amount. However, invariably some issue regarding money transfer occurs after that and the scammers ask the victims to download an app for hassle-free transfer of the money. In reality, the scammers use the app to get the victims’ personal information and dupe them out of their money.

Take a look at the post:

The post was shared on May 5. Since being tweeted, it has been viewed over one lakh times. Additionally, the tweet has also accumulated close to 1,200 likes. From asking questions to sharing similar experiences, people posted various replies while reacting to the tweet.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted:

“I’m flooded with these texts, kya chal raha hai? [What is happening?],” posted a Twitter user. “I received that too,” shared another. “Although I haven’t gotten any dm yet, I’ve been getting calls from US based numbers on WhatsApp too… idk what happened,” expressed a third. “The part where you’re like, ‘Sir come back, I’ll like the video’,” commented a fourth along with a laughing out loud emoticon. “I have already gotten these scam messages 2-3 times. Wonder how they are getting my number,” wrote a fifth.

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