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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- A Rochester restaurant worker is likely out over $2,400 after falling victim to a scam over the weekend. 

Rochester Police Captain Casey Moilanen said the victim reported a caller contacting the restaurant around 9:30 p.m. Friday night. The employee who answered said the caller was speaking Spanish and had asked the 25-year-old victim to translate. 

The man said the caller claimed to be from FedEx international and said one of the restaurant managers had ordered a package to surprise a different manager at the restaurant, then asked the victim to share his personal number and go to a quiet area to continue the call. 

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The victim said he gave out his cellphone number then received a call from a number based out of Mexico. The victim told police the scammer claimed the package was being held up and that he would have to pay a fee in order to have it shipped. 

TJ Leverentz/TSM Rochester-Preston
TJ Leverentz/TSM Rochester-Preston

He was told if he downloaded the Remitly app on his phone that the money to cover the fee would be deposited into his account. The victim said he sent a copy of his ID to the scammer and was told to send the money for the sham fee in the form of bitcoin. 

Moilanen said the victim at that point realized it was a scam and hung up the phone. He was then notified of a $2,449 transaction from his account and an attempted $500 transaction that was rejected due to insufficient funds. 

Moilanen said officers learned no manager at the restaurant ordered a package. He says the victim is working with his bank to try and recoup the lost money.

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