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German tourists have smashed a booze-drinking record after pulling through an impressive 1,234 round of beers in a single sitting.

A group of 55 people set a new record after seeing off over a thousand pints, despite not knowing each other before hand. The gaggle of 42 men and 13 women broke the previous record of 1,111 beers achieved at a bar in Majorca, Spain – also by Germans in July this year.

Setting the new record at Bamboleo bar in Palma on October 27, the 55-strong group smashed through glass after glass, with some participants drinking far more than others thanks to their impressive tolerance levels.

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Averaging a solid 22.4 beers per person over the feat and drinking from 200ml glasses, the travel agent who organised the event says it was ‘great fun’. At £2 a pop, what is not to love?

Table after table was filled full of booze for the participants(Image: Jam Press Vid)

Totalling £2,474.33 for the tremendous pints haul, travel agent Kai Uwe Kahmann, 62, who organised the event, says they felt fine the next day. He said: “It was a really great group and a lot of fun.

“I didn’t have a heavy head. However, other participants were already partying again in the morning. I don’t normally drink such quantities. Everything was done in an orderly fashion, nobody lost their temper or got out of hand.”

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