Yorkshire’s own Tinder Swindlers and the cruel romance scams that ruined lives | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

After Netflix aired its new hit show Tindler Swindler earlier this month it seems all the world has talked about is the life and crimes of Simon Leviev.

Leviev – who is actually 31-year-old Israeli, Shimon Hayut – managed to live a life of glamour after conning unsuspecting women out of frightening amounts of money – with one victim left £250,000 in debt.

Posing as a billionaire diamond dealer’s son, Leviev seduced women across Europe into his lavish lifestyle while manipulating them into paying for it all. Leviev “swindled” tens of thousands from his love interests while posing on private jets and at exclusive beach clubs to poach his next victim.

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Leviev claimed to some of his victims that he needed money after being targeted by “enemies” and having his credit cards blocked. One woman linked her American Express bank account to his so he could use it and he constantly maxed out her cards.

Simon Leviev – also known as the “Tinder Swindler”

He served 15 months in prison but since his release has launched a website offering business advice and has made a return to Instagram.

The story of Simon Leviev seems at first watch far-fetched but has highlighted the very real and very close-to-home crime of romance fraud.

Yorkshire has seen its fair share of criminals who have conned unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned money in the name of love.

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