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Although fibroids are considered benign or noncancerous, it can make life painful. The Doctor counselled Bola and I as Ladies to always go for medical check-ups as the woman is a complex and intricate specie. She assured us that there were other options which she will discuss extensively with us so Bola can make an informed decision. We left after she gave Bola an appointment to come back in two weeks’ time.

When we left we didn’t discuss much because Bola did not seem in the right frame of mind. I understood her desire to be left alone and dropped her off at work. Just before driving off, I told her that I will always be there for her and that she should not worry too much.

It is also her decision if and when she wants to inform the Girls’. I didn’t have much time to dwell on Bola as I had called for a Meeting of Warien Rose Foundation Team Members to discuss Domestic Violence Anonymous (DVA) the Support Group Warien Rose Foundation runs since 2014 for those going through domestic abuse which will be taking place on Monday the 25th (tomorrow) at Rockview Hotel Festac Town. It is going to be a special edition as Red Cross will be coming to speak on First aid; you are all invited by the way. The Girls are coming over for a drink tonight, I wonder if Bola will give them situation Report.

I was sitting out on the porch when the Girls arrived, feeling too tired to move a muscle. As I watched them arrive in a convoy. I reminisced about how far we had come. Zara stepped out of her Jaguar screaming “Guess what Ladies?” We were all immediately alert. I cannot remember when I last saw Zara this excited. “Let’s go in, girl don’t crowd my space she said in the same breath as Kaycee mistakenly bumped into her.

We all went to my room and I placed an order for pizza while we sipped a Louis Roederer Cristal Brut 2008 wine. Yes, it is expensive wine but Zara says she will replace it, so what the heck. “Alright I can’t hold still any more, what is going on?” I asked after a fraction of a second. “Do you Girls remember my friend from Stockholm? Well she decided to celebrate her birthday in South Africa and asked me to invite you all to an all-expense paid trip to South Africa, whooo whoo,” Zara screamed in excitement. “And that is not all, she says just bring your lovely selves and nothing more.

We will be shopping in South Africa and buying all we need,” she concluded laughing elatedly while rolling from side to side on the bed. “What! Are you f**king kidding me?” Jasmine screamed. “Will someone pinch me? I need to wake up now. Someone is messing with me,” Bola screamed. I was speechless. It wasn’t because I was not excited but I had reservations about Elsa. If Zara is crazy, Elsa is a million times more.

Her love for adventure and the insane knows no bounds. “What is it Tobs? Cat got your tongue?” Zara asked snidely. “Actually no, it is wonderful news I said smiling trying to inject enthusiasm in my response. We all spoke excitedly about the trip until I said I needed a cup of coffee and everyone opted for same with Zara asking for hers to be laced with brandy as usual. I asked Jasmine to accompany me to the kitchen and when we were alone. I turned to her and said “ I am a bit concerned about this trip, I know you will say I should not over analyse things and I should go with the flow but we all know Elsa, I hope there is no quid pro quo?” I asked apprehensively.

Remember the last time we went to Stockholm and how some of her male friends that were into wife swapping thought it will be fun to pass us around? Crazy bunch!” I spat out still disgusted at the thought. “Greek gifts make me uncomfortable and this feels like one.” I said feeling very uneasy about the whole set up. “Why are you so worried? You be Naija Babe. She no fit scam us na. Don’t let that bother you but to put your mind at ease, I will inform Lethabo, my South African friend. We will be fine. Stop worrying!” She said giving me a spontaneous hug to allay my fears.

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