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If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

John Perlman interviews John Alexander, Lead Investigator at Royal Investigations.

Thanks to the internet, connecting with people near and far has become easier, but so has becoming victim to online scams.

Oftentimes, victims are lured in on Facebook and undergo an extensive process of grooming to help gain trust and make you believe that you have some sort of emotional connection to the scammer.

Alexander says that they’ll pose as a millionaire, usually an engineer, in need of money for data for example. This is a red flag.

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Most times, suspects use mules or money laundering tactics to scam innocent users.

He adds that money mules are worsened by poverty.

The fact that you can simply go to anyone on the street, put 100 bucks in his hand and ask him to open an account for you.

John Alexander, Lead Investigator – Royal Investigations

If you think you’re being scammed, Alexander’s advice is to always “follow your gut and follow your intuition”.

You can’t trust anything and everything people say.

John Alexander, Lead Investigator – Royal Investigations

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