YouTube superstars issue new scam warning, how to avoid the trick | #youtubescams | #lovescams | #datingscams

YouTube does allow content creators to list a number of words that, when included in a comment, will be automatically blocked. However, the bad actors behind the comment spam trend have already adapted to this – and have started to include as much key information as possible in the username for the account.

One example shown in the video is an account called “Telegram @marquesbrownlee04”, with the subsequent comments all using an emoji with a finger pointing up to direct users to the Telegram account they need to contact to supposedly arrange shipment for their prizes.

So, what’s the solution? Well, Marques Brownlee would like to see YouTube automatically block users from using the name of an existing creator – or their image – when setting up a new account on the video-sharing platform. That would stop comment spam from impersonating him, which should make it less enticing for viewers to click on the comments since it won’t look like it’s affiliated with the video they’ve been watching.

In a final warning to his viewers, Marques says: “Myself, and other creators, will never ask you for money or for a shipping address, or to DM [direct message] us on Telegram. And if we do have a giveaway going on, we have verified accounts and we’ll never message you from any other account. So, if you click on an account and it doesn’t go to our [YouTube] channel, that’s a pretty good sign.”

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