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Ankita Bansal in an episode of “Indian Matchmaking.”


Though none of Taparia’s onscreen matches are still intact since filming wrapped in October, Mundhra hopes viewers fixate less on anyone’s particular relationship status and focus more on each participant’s personal growth.

“The means are more important than the end,” she said. “There’s something fascinating about watching people go through this process, and seeing what it revealed to people about themselves, about their own expectations, and about the way the tradition of arranged marriage is changing.”

That’s what Bansal, the Delhi-based entrepreneur who ultimately didn’t end up with a match, took away from the experience. “I understand the many preconceived notions associated with arranged marriages — and believe me, before going on ‘Indian Matchmaking,’ I had them too,” she told The Times.

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to a connection,” she continued. “If it’s there, you can’t deny it and it won’t matter how you two were introduced.”

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