Indonesian #men among the #world’s #luckiest in #online #dating, study says

A study has placed Indonesia in second place among countries where men have the highest chance of meeting women online.

Conducted for six months by pen pals and leisure dating platform, the study revealed that around 64 percent of women in Indonesia replied to an online message at least once and they did not disappear after the first message as 81 percent of them tended to stay in contact, dubbing Indonesian women as “communicative”.

Meanwhile, Egypt topped the list while Nigeria claimed third place.

Aside from Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand were the only Southeast Asian countries included in the top 10, as they were placed in fifth and sixth rank, respectively.

In contrast to the countries with the luckiest men in online dating, Ireland was found to be the most difficult country for a man to find a partner online because only six percent of women there replied to the first message.

According to an official statement, conducted the study by signing up with online dating websites in 60 countries worldwide and tried to get in touch with local women.

Among the criteria used for the results were the contacted women’s frequency in replying to messages and the possibility of exchanging more than four messages.