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‘The players are s***-scared of their wives’: Inside the lives of AFL WAGs as they join their partners in sport’s coronavirus bubble – with some making VERY outlandish demands

  • The AFL has moved the remainder of the competition to QLD to avoid COVID-19 
  • Contingent of 458 partners and children also staying in QLD on the AFL dime 
  • First wave of WAGs put up in ‘sub-par’ hotel now replaced by 4.5 star resort 

The AFL has booked out a luxury Gold Coast resort to act as a hub for the wives and girlfriends of players as the competition moves to Queensland to avoid coronavirus. 

A Virgin Australia chartered flight flew from Melbourne on Thursday packed with 288 wives and partners, 170 kids, and 12 fatigued AFL officials headed for the Sunshine State. 

The AFL is reportedly paying up to $3 million a week to house a 458-strong WAG contingent, with one player asking if his partner could bring their puppy to the accommodation. 

The 4.5 star Mercure Gold Coast Resort in Carrara (pictured) where AFL WAGs and children will quarantine for 14-days 

‘Basically the players are s**t scared of their wives. It’s become clear who runs the show,’ an AFL insider told the Herald Sun. 

The ‘off the freeway’ accommodation that had been the destination for the first of those to head to Queensland was apparently not up to par, being replaced with the 4.5 star resort. 

‘It’s almost hilarious to think of Melbourne WAGs taking on the Goldy,’ said another exasperated AFL official. 

A resort staffer said they expected the Mercure, with its two pools, 24-hour gym and day spa, to be fully booked out until September. 

The resort has also been setup with kids’ dining and play areas and a kids-free area where the WAGs can take a break.  

The hub has already experienced its first taste of drama after the partner of a Carlton player let her kids go to Dreamworld with her locally based parents in breach of quarantine policy. 

Another insider said he would not be surprised if a slip-up from one of the WAGs derailed the entire AFL season. 

The league’s management are so nervous they have sent in ‘risk mitigation officers’ to ensure the rules are being followed. 

The first wave of WAGs will leave their mediocre digs this weekend and meet their player partners at club hubs around the Gold Coast where they will stay for the rest of the season. 

Tales from those club hubs already include a Tinder date being told to take a hike, and a high-profile player and his partner demanding a better mattress. 

Queensland will host all 10 AFL club for the remainder of the season with players flying to South Australia and Western Australia for some games. 

A staffer at the Mercure Gold Coast said they expect the resort to be fully booked out until September 

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