International Dating Scams Revealed On Love Beyond Borders TV Episode 2 (Part 1 Of 2)


international dating, online dating, foreign women **Love Beyond Borders TV** The Internets Official Show On international dating, online dating, foreign women **Where We Tilt Internet Dating In Your Favor** In the second episode we get down and dirty with… *How to tell if the women you meet are real *How To Avoid Online Dating Scams *Who The Real Dangerous Criminals Are *Tips & Tricks To Avoid Becoming A Victim *Plus much, much more


26 thoughts on “International Dating Scams Revealed On Love Beyond Borders TV Episode 2 (Part 1 Of 2)

  1. jonnyfranchise09

    do the women make any money?? with the many people they try and talk with

  2. beautyquenn101

    So black people are Bush boogeys and? can’t be good enough for anyone to love?

  3. reddbehrens

    Be cautious about anyone who is? in a really big hurry to get to know you. If the person pressures you to quickly come to their country and meet them, beware. If the person wants a commitment very quickly and is frustrated because you can’t come to meet them soon, beware.
    Anyone who is truly interested in you will understand that you are busy and will take their time to get to know you.

  4. fresco1962

    The best way to see if the person you email is at least the same person on the pictures because most times these are pictures of models or just pictures? of beautiful girls.
    Ask them to take a picture with your name and date. 100% will not do it because its not their picture. But even if she does do it. be carefull its still probably a scam. specially if your old and she/ he is young and say they dont care about the age difference. good luck

  5. dontgetmarried999

    Love $cams: Never send money to a stranger over the internet, no getting involved with illegal immigrants/google? marriage fraud, pass the check, never co-sign/mix anything legal, no marriage, avoid long distance relationships, when meeting women online avoid dinner & movies on first meet up (meet up at free/low cost places like bookstores/parks/cafes), stop paying for other men’s kids/no single women with kids, always use a condom/no child support, never lend money to women.

  6. milanac1022

    Damn!… that’s sad man… what did they do about the? scammers?

  7. RussianBrideReality

    If you want to know the whole truth about mail order brides or international romance you should check out this video. It’s? great! He’s not trying to sell you anything, just trying to give you some good honest tips about how it really works.

  8. SanamLovesEssie60

    I think if everyone watched out for? the signs u mentioned, then 90% of these women will turn out to be scammers.

  9. somethingdiffereable

    A guy by the name of Ricky Wells was scammed by some folks from Ghana. They posted a picture of a gorgeous white woman and scammed him out of thousands of dollars. If you don’t believe this story you can reach him at the following # 857-244 9300. They hit him with every scam possible including mother in hospital. Shipping gold into the U.S. The dumbass was even convinced that he was legally married to this non-exsistant person. Turns out these were a few little bush boogeys not a woman at all. ?

  10. arbelm1

    Russian/Ukranian are straight up fraud. just google international dating? scams and see what comes up

  11. vallereal22

    thank you so much for your advise,,this works for both men and woman, i am a woman and i wish i woul of watch this video before i got scammed by franklin david,,i lived the worst experience of my life, the worst thing was he used christianity,,to gane trust..and asked for money..i? will never do online dating in my life!!!

  12. DoYouKnowHimPlease1

    Very informative? video. I’m a woman, but these tips also can be used by everyone…
    A Nigerian scammer tried to take money from me, but the red flags were just too much to ignore… Now, I’m trying to inform myself better before going on online dating… Thanks!

  13. nbmnkjlrwewds

    Be online? Asian women will chat with you $$

  14. RokseMoni

    Hi brother needs to chat? a, Asian women

  15. UltimateGoalOfLife

    Those scammed by these Ukrainian and Russian women for money only is actually causes little damage. Those who are more sophesticated come to western countries, marry, have a kid if suitable, then file for false abuse and overnight get permanent residency, money and destroy the man and children in the process while having other men in their countries and western who can pay them gifts and? money. Search Green Card Hunters to find the steps they follow and no one can defend against them once in.

  16. HighTechJoe2010


  17. brollicon

    this man is speaking? the truth a women who gives you a prize for getting stuff also rushes to marry you just wants a green card

  18. ForeignWomen

    Hi Lydia,

    When meeting foreign women or men, it is important to meet several people and set up dates for when you visit their country.

    With online dating whether international or not you should meet as many people as possible to? take advantage of what the Internet dating world offers.

    Of course if you settle down or commit to one relationship then you should be honest and faithful to your commitment. But while you are making friends date several people so you can make the best match.

  19. ForeignWomen

    Dear Lazarush1980,

    Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoy it. Be sure to let? us know what you would like to see more of. Also check out our blog for up to the minute updates and resources on international dating and meeting foreign women.

  20. lydiaferdin88

    hold on, that? “only date me online is not an issue” most women dont want a guy who is dating multiple women online

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