Internet Dating Scams **Shocking Details** Women Scammed Online

_________________________ Suzy Weiss with Dating Secrets For Divorced Women dot Com explains that Internet Dating Scams are everywhere. So are online dating sites the best place to meet decent men? Not according to the Vancouver police who have issued a warning about a man who allegedly steals a woman’s heart and then steals her car or more. An arrest warrant has been issued for Thomas James Newman who reportedly used a dating website to meet a woman on Jan. 9, 2011 and then made off with her vehicle. The police said that Newman who is 36, has a criminal record and might be linked to at least five other similar date steal and run cases. He is a suspected Internet Dating Scammer. It is reported that the man responsible for the thefts uses his charm and good looks to lure his victims. He goes out on dates with these women he meets online and then these women discover that certain items are missing after the dates are over. Prior to this latest alleged car theft Newman is wanted on a warrant for theft of over $5000 dollars. This and an example of Internet Dating Scams. He has not been convicted of any of the offenses at this time. As of today the police have not found him but are still looking for him. Police are warning people using online dating sites to be careful about whom they’re meeting and to meet in public places until they get to know the other person. Last month a new Internet Dating Safety Act came into effect in New York State, which among


25 thoughts on “Internet Dating Scams **Shocking Details** Women Scammed Online

  1. FuuuUsernames1111

    i understand english humor, i can’t seem to? understand YOUR “humor”…. what are you 12 or something?>.>

  2. pennypacker93

    what- ? stick a bar up you? like a cucumber? bars in uk are not good for women go to them as we have 15 million men here and 10 ladies who are average with a pea brain…its a shitty? country for finding any women

  3. FuuuUsernames1111

    that doesn’t make sense…? and omg 5 months passed since i made that comment! time passes so fast!! D:

  4. pennypacker93

    fancy? a date (i already have a car) so won’t steel yours!

  5. pennypacker93

    same as uadreams …those? girls are on = all showing them with their boyfreinds in photos

  6. MirrorWitch13

    This lady is just trying to sell something. Listen,? do not put limits on love. I met the love of my life online. People only use bars for sex.

  7. TheStimpyboy

    Yes they are if you want to give? me all your money!

  8. RussianBrideReality

    Don’t trust this company! Don’t be fooled!? This is NOT a real dating agency. They pay the girls to write the e-mails and to do live chat and to pretend to like you. They use women’s pictures without their permission. Many times the girl in the photo is not the person answering your e-mails . This company makes millions of dollars every year by cheating people. This is not an honest company. Shame on you Anastasiadate!

  9. Nicholas Greenburg

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  10. bradlepe

    I love sweeping generalizations based a single, isolated incident. Not that the advice at the end is bad, but? it’s clearly just common sense about protecting your identity/property online. Online dating isn’t bad, but it’s probably to meet in person sooner than later to avoid creating a idealized image of the person that leads to disappointment and resentment when you actually meet.

  11. manonthemount

    It never ceases to amaze me how easily divorced women are able to convince themselves that the? problem is external.

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  14. y0utUBeH8r

    Internet dating safety act? how the fuck are people ok with the government? being down our fucking throats with all this bullshit legislation, BE RESPONSIBLE , if youre dumb enough to fall for a scam , YOU DESERVE IT.

  15. majorpolska

    she, damn cant be dating with that face. Jesus that man? sacrifice for her.

  16. ProductReviews15

    Interesting? video….btw nice background and crisp audio & visuals!

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