Internet skincare sales scams #affecting #consumers

Skincare internet sales scams are affecting consumers across the nation.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau shut down the last two of many internet businesses that were fraudulently selling skincare products.
Jenn Love, with the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana, says, “One of the latest ones we’re working with right now is skincare internet businesses. They’re falsely advertising risk free trials, but their convincing consumers to use their credit and debit cards to pay for shipping fees and they’re taking these cards and charging them up to $100 a month with recurring fees.”

Secured Merchants and Secured Commerce, LLC helped in distrubuting these skincare products.

“AuraVie was the main one with other skin care products as well. The two companies that were actually distributing them, they falsely claimed to be accredited businesses through the BBB and have an A rating,” Love explains.

When it comes to this type of scam involving monthly recurring fees, it’s best to understand exactly what you’re signing up for.

Love says, “We just advise consumers to really read the fine print because sometimes you’ll sign up for things and not realize you’re signing up for a monthly reoccurring charge, and always pay with a credit card. Credit card companies are more likely to reimburse you.”

Here are some tips from the BBB to protect yourself:

  • Know the advertiser.
  • Check a site’s security settings.
  • Be a savvy shopper.
  • Protect personal information.
  • Think before you click.
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true deals.
  • Beware of phishing.
  • Shop with a credit card.
  • Keep documentation of your order.
  • Keep a clean machine by installing an anti-virus software on your computer.

The Better Business Bureau can’t actually shut down businesses, but they work together with the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies to maintain an ethical marketplace.

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