Interview With Whitney Wolfe, Founder Of Bumble

KITNADDACE – Feb 19 – Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder and the sole founder of Bumble, is now working to change the way women and men interact in this space.

Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: Twenty-six, hard working, never sleep, brain goes a million miles an hour, very dedicated to Bumble.

Q: How do you think apps have changed the way we approach dating and relationships?
A: These apps really give you access to things that are outside of your normal reach in your day?to?day life.

Q: Bumble stands out because it only allows women to start a conversation. How has this changed our ways of interacting?
A: At the moment, women feel that society judges them for making the first move even though it’s an obvious desire for both sexes. Bumble is striving to empower women to make themselves equal to men in the dating world.

Q: Tell us about founding and running a company as a 26?year?old.
A: It’s hard but fun when you’re passionate about your business.

Q: You refer to your company as being feminist. What is your interpretation of the modern feminist?
A: We want equality for both sexes. We’re not trying to put women above men.

Q: What was the best decision you’ve made to get where you are now?
A: The best decisions I’ve ever made have been the ones that my gut said yes to or no to immediately. 

by Kate Wells
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