Irina Prudnikova

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Irina, ID: 4055390 on and on a lot of other sits too

Scammer’s Country: Ukraine

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What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? :,,,,, Russianbrides .com

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I love to take everything from this life and that is why I am very interested in being very active and I am talking now about having the chance of travelling and seeing this world. I am really very curious about the cultures of another nations and I enjoy reading or watching about their traditions or customs. In my free time, I love going to the gym or meet with my friends and I think, that I lead the life which is maybe typical for many people, but as for me, in everything what I am doing. I am trying to take everything just in maximum and I am always open to learn new more and more.

More About Me
I am the woman, who is curious in everything and I never stop on the things which I already have. I am very hard working person and I think, that its never too late to learn something new or get new profession and become better specialist! I can’t say, that I am the woman, who opens her soul in the first date with someone because, I think that its hard to show your inner world for everyone and to be good for everyone, but I know who is important for me and who will never betray me and leave me in a hard moments and for these people. I will always be kind and sincere and I will never leave them. I think, that like a person. I am very generous for other people, my friends and my family, I am very romantic like a woman and I am very smart like a good worker and real professional in everything what I am doing and I am sure, that I can surprise a lot if you try to know me and my world.

Ideal Relationship
I think, that I am the person, who needs attention and care about myself. I would like to spend this life with a man, who will treat me like a Queen and be sincere with me. He needs to be easy-going, sometimes funny, serious and reliable. I need to trust him and be sure in his words, because I do not stand empty promises and people, who never keep their words so I need a person, who will always know what he needs and how to reach it. Can you be the one for me?

Looking For An Age Group
35 – 55

Other Observations About The Scammer: 

She claimed that her page on was hacked and that it was someone else not her that I was talking to. I complained to the website and with their investigation, found out it was her and all she would do is apologize to the website for any inconvenience that it may have caused. When I did visit her, it was expensive dinners, massages and shows that she wanted to see as she had not ever experienced anything like that. I had to rent apartment from her friends at a $100 USD per night if I wished to see her. I got suckered in and when I finally found a way to avoid going over, she changed and hardly would chat with me claiming she was working and in reality was on other websites chatting with other men and that is how I caught her in a lie. I asked her what was going on , she replied I betrayed her and refused numerous attempts to talk with her. She refuses to tell the truth and I look back and see that the entire time I was in contact with her, was nothing more than her playing me and getting as much out of me as possible! I had loaned her some mony but that was returned upon a complaint to Now I am to blame for her being a fraud and thief in betraying her and this is the story she is telling people…

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

Hi Greg!
Thank you for your letter.
I am very grateful to you for what you respect me and understand me.
I do not date other men and I do not even have time to do it because I’m starting work on a major project.
This is a major step for me as a fashion photographer. I want to test their strength and skills in different directions.
And I know that you will support me.
Honey, I always want to talk with you and share all that I have inside.
You are dear to me. You are the best. And I really like you.
I hope you all are well,

These days I’ve been working in the studio.
Now I need to prepare for the project and I spend this much time.
I told you that access to my page on VKontakte have other people as it is the working page.
As for the other sites, it is probably a mistake.
Greg, you can always email me directly and I believe that we should communicate directly, rather than through the sites.
What do you think?

Dear .. What I have on other sites does not affect our relationship with you.
I do not want you to worry about it.
You’re the most important man for me.
I want to see you alone!