Irish mum looking for love says she felt robbed after paying €550 for matchmaking service


A divorced mum looking for love has told how she felt robbed after paying €550 for a matchmaking service.

Paula, 59, has been separated for three years and has grown frustrated with online dating sites after discovering they were full of married men.

She contacted Sharon Kenny from The Match Maker, who offered an in depth service, promising to match her with three potential beaus for €550.

Paula told RTE’s Liveline: “I heard an add that met with you personally and matched you off with somebody for €550.

“I thought if people are paying that much they must be serious. You’re getting the opportunity to meet like minded people.”

Paula met with Sharon for two hours to discuss her likes, dislikes and what she was looking for in a potential partner.

But she was left “very angry and frustrated” after her first two dates fell flat.

Paula added: “What was annoying for me was that I met two people who I had nothing in common with.

“I had said I wanted to meet a non-smoker, who had been married and had kids, as it gives you more scope for chat.

“The last man I met had never been married or had kids and there was just complete lulls in conversation.

“For the first time in my life I ran out of things to talk about.”

Matchmaker Paula joined the debate on air to give her side of the story.

She said: “I told Paula to bear with me after the first date, because she wasn’t attracted to him.

“She said after the first one ‘that’s it I don’t want to do this anymore’ and I told her to hang in there and I’d find her her match.

“The second guy she met for a date said there was something very negative about her and there was no spark between them. Unfortunately that happens.”

Following the debate Sharon revealed how one of her male clients rang her to say he’d be interested in meeting Paula.

Sharon told the Irish Mirror: “I got a call from a guy called Stephen who’s on my books who said ‘she sounds quirky, I’d be interested in going out on a date with her.’

“So even though everything that has happened has been very hurtful, I’ve told her I’m willing to let bygones be bygones and set her up with her third date. It could be third time lucky.”

But Paula explained that she’s not interested in going on her third date, despite having already paid for it.

She added: “Just because that man heard my voice on the radio, how does that make him a good match for me?

“I’m not going to do the third date. I wouldn’t insult myself.

“I’ve had long conversations with her telling her what I’m looking for and I’ve been hugely unhappy with the two dates I’ve had.

“I paid for a service that she advertises continuously on the radio and that service wasn’t provided.

“It’s €550 of my hard earned money that I won’t be getting back.”



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