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FRANK Fritz the star of American Pickers has been engaged to his fiancée Diann Bankson since 2017.

On March 11, The Sun exclusively reported that Fritz cheated on Diann and “caused her to suffer third-degree burns” after fireworks exploded in his home.


Frank Fritz and his fiancée Diann BanksonCredit: Frank Fritz/Facebook

Is Frank Fritz from American Pickers dating anyone?

Fritz first started uploading pictures of Diann onto his Facebook page as early as 2016, according to Distractify.

However, the outlet reported that Diann would occasionally appear on Fritz’s page but their relationship was unknown at the time.

In the past, Fritz has treated Diann’s daughter Paige, and Paige’s daughter Eulalia, like family.

“Diann’s family is my family. It is great being Grandpa Frank! I love my girls,” previously said on a Facebook post from 2017.


Frank and Diann reportedly engaged in 2017Credit: Frank Fritz/Facebook

Did Frank Fritz cheat on Diann?

Court documents obtained by The Sun showed Diann, 54, sued Fritz, 57, for negligence on January 27, 2020.

The American Pickers star reportedly “cheated” on Diann and “caused her to suffer third-degree burns” after fire works exploded in his home.

Diann revealed she and Fritz were engaged in 2017 and were living together in his Iowa farmhouse.

In November 2018, she “walked in and caught him in bed with another woman.”

After the two reconciled, she claimed an incident took place at the farmhouse when Frank and a friend set off fireworks. 

Diann claimed the men “had been drinking” at the time, as she went into the home while they lit the fireworks. 


In January 2020, Diann sued Fritz for ‘negligence’ and claimed she caught him in bed with another womanCredit: Frank Fritz/Facebook

She continued in the court papers that the men were unable to light a firework. 

Diann alleged: “Both defendants then put it in a closed cylinder vintage ashtray and tried to light it there. The firework did not light again and the Defendant just left it in the covered intake ashtray instead of properly disposing the firework.”

She then claimed that she wasn’t warned about the ashtray, as she used it while smoking a cigarette. 

The lawsuit continued to claim: “The ashtray blew up severely burning her hand and arm with third degree burns and burnt off eyelashes and eyebrows.”

She claimed Fritz “refused” to “take her to the hospital” and instead told her to “toughen up.”

She went to the hospital in the following days and was “treated for third degree burns.”


Diann demanded $50,000 in the suit, claiming Fritz was ‘negligent in the operation of fireworks’Credit: Facebook

When the couple split again, she claimed he had the locks changed on a separate Iowa home they shared. 

Diann demanded $50,000, claiming Fritz was “negligent in the operation of fireworks.”

She claimed she has experienced pain and suffering, emotional distress and mental anguish, past and future loss of function of body and scarring, loss of earning capacity, loss of normal life and medical expenses. 

Despite the incident Diann dismissed the case on March 19, 2020.

How can I watch American Pickers?

American Pickers airs Mondays at 9pm on the History Channel.

The show’s plot centers around Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby traveling around the US in search of rare artifacts and special treasures they can purchase from collectors and resell in their antiques shops.

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