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When I married my partner Jayden in 2011, Nina was the maid of honour at my wedding. (She also caught my flowers in the bouquet toss). Meanwhile, I cheered her on as she rose through the ranks at her accounting firm, securing raises year after year.

Nina told my husband about my infidelity

Nina’s always been the best friend I’ve ever had.

That’s why when I made a terrible mistake and cheated on Jayden, it was Nina I eventually confessed my sin to. She always wanted me to face my fears and demons, to do what was right even when “right” meant difficult.

So on some level, it didn’t surprise me when she gave me an ultimatum the night I confessed. She warned: “Either you tell Jayden you cheated, or I will.”

When I chickened out, Nina spilled the beans in a phone call to Jayden. That revelation prompted him to file for divorce.

Some would call Nina’s actions harsh, but deep down, I was grateful for her decisiveness. She didn’t want to see me stuck in an unhappy marriage any longer, burdened by my guilty secret.

I felt a strange, new emotion toward Nina

Now here Nina was — six years after my marriage had ended — telling me how she and my ex-husband were in love and had “saved each other.”

Sitting in her kitchen, listening to her words, I felt a strange, new emotion toward Nina. It certainly wasn’t gratitude. It was suspicion.

I wasn’t aware she’d maintained contact with Jayden for so many years after my divorce.

Plus, I couldn’t help hearing a personal insult hidden in her phrasing.

What exactly had she and Jayden “saved each other” from?

Was she implying they’d saved each other from me?

I almost threw a hissy fit… but I didn’t

My suspicion could have gotten the better of me that day.

For a moment, I felt tempted to throw a hissy fit, to accuse Nina of some long-standing plot to take my husband from me.

But before my anger took hold, I realized how ludicrous that would be.

What right did I have to accuse Nina of “taking” my husband from me?

I gave him up myself the day I cheated on him. Indirectly, I created the circumstances that led to Jayden being available.

If Nina and Jayden ended up falling in love afterward, did I have anyone to blame but myself?

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