It’s A Match Made in Heaven! Malaysian Meets British Man on Tinder, Gets Married 4 Years Later | #tinder | #pof


Tinder is one of the really famous dating apps and we’re sure everyone has their fair share of experience on that platform. 

Very rarely, do we hear of people sharing positive stories on Tinder, however, this is one match made in heaven! Lisa Ariffin who is a 30-year old lawyer shared her Tinder tale that dates back to 2016.

A British army personnel was transiting in KL at that time on his way to Brunei. He opened up his Tinder app and matched with Lisa. Lisa took the initiative to make the first move by asking him why he was so far away (he had already reached Brunei at that time).

“If that isn’t fate, then I don’t know what is.”

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Lisa says that she was intrigued when she saw his pictures in his uniform. She wanted to know more about his battalion and regiment. From then on, a spark was ignited and he flew over to KL for their very first date.

Even though Lisa is a Malaysian and her husband’s British, there isn’t much of a cultural barrier between them as she had studied in an international school and had spent seven years living in the UK.

When Lisa told her friends about him, they were genuinely happy for her as her last relationship ended badly. Her parents were a little sceptical at first but when they finally met, they loved him. Lisa’s in-laws absolutely adore her and in fact, they have actually gone on a trip together without Lisa’s husband!

They dated for 3 years and finally, they made the decision to get married. For the most part of their relationship, they were doing it long distance and we all know very well that it is not easy.

“Like any other couple, we had our share of ups and downs.”

Lisa told us that one of the hardest things during the relationship was, of course, not being able to see each other but with the Internet, everything was just a click away. Her advice on making long-distance relationships succeed is to actually keep yourselves occupied when your partner isn’t physically with you.

“Sometimes, we’d go for days or almost a week without talking (he’s in the army and gets deployed, so we hardly talk when that happens).”

The second thing is to set a time to speak to your partner and stick to it for communications to go through. Little things like sharing about your day with them or telling them about something interesting that you have seen will keep the relationship going.

Rather than seeing LDR as a menace, Lisa says,

“I see LDR as an opportunity to grow, develop as an individual. When you are stronger and more confident as an individual, you are stronger and more confident in your relationship too.”

As a married couple now, Lisa says that they are a little unsure of their future as her husband is still in the army. As for now, they are both in different places (Malaysia and Brunei) but it doesn’t bother them a lot as they have gotten used to it.

” I hope that one day we will find home somewhere, and look forward to building a family together.”

Awww, that is such a cute story! We have nothing but well wishes for the couple!


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