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A Smith and Wesson .22 semi-automatic pistol was one of four weapons outstanding from a $10,000 firearms heist at Longford in February, the Launceston Supreme Court has heard. In sentencing Newnham man Lane Michael Dwyer, 32, to a 15 month jail term Justice Robert Pearce emphasised the danger of stolen firearms. “There is a strong link between stolen firearms and crimes of violence and dishonesty because they inevitably end up the hands of criminals,” he said. Dwyer and Zachary Allan Parker, 29, stole 14 firearms and $2000 worth of ammunition in a daylight robbery at Longford on February 21, 2020. They also stole a mountain bike worth $5799. Four of the firearms owned by Richard and Zachary Fulton were not recovered including the .22 pistol and a Lanber 12 gauge shotgun. Justice Pearce rejected a defence application for Dwyer to serve his term via a drug treatment order saying that Dwyer should be able to solve by himself his relatively brief drug addiction problem. He added the 15 month sentence, with six months suspended, to a 13 month sentence, six months suspended, handed out by a magistrate in May for a $92,000 crime spree across Northern Tasmania in 2019. Justice Pearce said with remissions Dwyer could be released after one year and four months. Dwyer pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful trafficking of firearms, aggravated burglary, stealing firearms and two counts of stealing. The court heard that Dwyer was on bail in relation to a string of burglary and stealing charges across Northern Tasmania when the Longford thefts occurred. Dwyer had worked with Mr Fulton in the past and knew he had firearms after joining him on a camping trip. The pair drove to Brumby Street, Longford in a utility where Dwyer entered the house after ascertaining it was Mr Fulton’s home by checking a letter in a letterbox. Dwyer stole a jacket and an iPhone and beckoned Parker inside. The pair tore a gun safe from a wall and manhandled it into the back of Parker’s utility. They then drove to Bishopsbourne and disposed of the safe before driving with the firearms and mountain bike to Hadspen, Parker’s home at Prospect and then to Dwyers address at Newnham. The men disposed of a Smith and Wesson .22 semi-automatic pistol, BSA bolt action .243 rifle, a Lanber 12 gauge shotgun, a Brno.270 rifle and a Webley and Scott 12 gauge shotgun to another person when they were not the registered owners. Dwyer told police he had stolen the weapons because “everyone wants guns” and that he was supporting a drug habit. He had $1380 cash from the sale of guns when arrested. Justice Pearce said Dwyer had developed a methylamphetamine habit after meeting a woman on the social networking and dating application Tinder. She was a drug user and urged him to try it which resulted in a fierce methylampetamine addiction. Dwyer gave up work as a concreter and resorted to crime to finance his drug habit, Justice Pearce said. Justice Pearce has sought a report on whether Parker is suitable for a Home Detention Order. He will sentence Parker on August 12 at 4.15pm. Sign up to one of our newsletters:


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