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With apps like Bumble and Tinder it has never been easier to swipe, like and get yourself out on a date.

But dating apps have also brought with them a whole host of new issues that need to be solved, like when you should meet up or what photo you should have in your bio.

On this week’s episode of news.com.au’s new podcast Kinda Sorta Dating, Jana Hocking revealed how one dating app move can be a massive turn off.

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She told guest Candice Warner how if your date tells you they have deleted their dating apps early into you seeing each other, it’s a massive red flag.

“I went out with a guy recently on our second date he was like, ‘I’ve turned my dating app off’ and he looked at me like ‘so?’” Jana said.

Candice, who is married to cricketer David Warner, said the move would be a “turn off” as the guy probably thought, “Yeah, I’m in here.”

“That’s what I thought,” Jana said in agreement.

“I was like, well you’re not even playing hard to get and also you don’t know me well enough by the second date to decide whether you want to turn the dating app off.

“So then I was like, ‘OK well you’re obviously some form of something’ … and he was, he turned out to be quite the stalker.”

Another dating app red flag was when a guy posted photos that were either only of his torso or far away – a sure fire sign he had a secret.

“There’s ways you can tell on the dating apps if someone is married,” Jana said.

“They are very shady or they put very distant shots, so it will be just their chest.”

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Jana said most secretly married guys on dating apps will be too scared to actually follow through and meet up with you.

The radio producer recalled once going on a date with a guy who was visibly nervous and “freaked out” in the middle of their meet up.

“They always will never go on a date with you, or the guy that I went on a date with that ghosted me halfway through, I reckon he was married because he was sh*tting bricks,” Jana said.

“He was sweating, he couldn’t talk properly and he ghosted me halfway through.”
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