Why #January Is the #Perfect Time to Find #Love #Again

The holiday season has become known as “peak season” within the online dating industry. While many sites note an all-around increase in site traffic during this time, the popular online dating brand LoveAgain (http://www.loveagain.com) reports that during the month of January alone, the app sees a 30 percent uptick in all key metrics.
LoveAgain notes that the first week of the new year has become the app’s busiest week of the year in terms of user registration and activity.

So what is it about the start of the year that gives singles the push to jump back into the dating game? This increase has generally been thought to be attributed to a combination of holiday stress emphasizing the feelings of loneliness, along with the new year traditionally being a time for new starts and rejuvenation.

All this, leading up to the desire to have someone special on Valentine’s Day, makes January the most desirable time to seek out new love interests.

For many singles, the prospect of dating during the holidays feels like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Mark Brooks, an online dating industry analyst and editor of Online Personals Watch, explains why getting back into the dating game following the holidays is a great idea. “We tend to be the best version of ourselves during this time of year. We are more relaxed, open-minded, and willing to explore different experiences. With the right outlook, taking advantage of this peak season can turn into a wonderful, confidence building adventure that potentially could lead to finding the perfect partner.”

While many singles are feeling the lingering pressure of family gatherings during the holidays that often lead to questions about coupling, Brooks reminds singles that success depends purely on your frame of mind. “Focusing on the positives and reminding yourself that you don’t need to compare your life to anyone else’s will not only help to put you in a more receptive place, but it also makes diving back into the dating pool much more bearable.