Japan and Taiwan show majority support for same-sex marriage


A poll conducted by the Hiroshima Shudo University and funded by the Japanese government found that 51% of the country’s population support same-sex marriage, but that the rate of support drops as the age of the respondent rises.

It also found that, despite majority support for same-sex marriage, 72% would feel reluctant to accept their child coming out as gay.

Meanwhile in Taiwan, a poll has revealed that 71% of people support marriage equality, despite the government being reluctant to legalise it.

Over 200,000 people voted in the ministry of justice poll, which was conducted online from August to October.

The ministry currently has plans to introduce the Same-sex Partnership Act, which aims to give LGBT couples similar rights as heterosexual married couples.

Source: https://www.gaytimes.co.uk/news/18850/japan-and-taiwan-show-majority-support-for-same-sex-marriage/


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