Jared Fogle News: Did The Subway Man Buy Roofies To Use On His Victims?

On Thursday, TMZ discovered that the former spokesman for Subway, who’s been sentenced to 15 plus years in prison on charges of pedophilia and child pornography, may have wanted to use roofies on his victims. According to documents filed by the CEO of Fogle’s foundation, the man may have considered using these drugs to knock out the minors.

Russell Taylor, who’s been sentenced to 27 years behind bars, reportedly said that his partner tried to buy date rape drugs in 2012 although it wasn’t mentioned what the result was.

It was then mentioned that Taylor said something twisted that allegedly came out of Fogle. He claims that when they met, Fogle told him a knock knock joke that made a reference to sex with minors. This was apparently the start of their friendship where they became like “an old married couple” who would drink “like fishies.”

Meanwhile, there was a report from New York Daily News where Taylor claimed that Fogle would have him call his partner ‘Daddy.’

“There would be discussions of how much Mr. Taylor loved ‘daddy’ and reminding him that ‘daddy’ was paying for his things,” a document said.

“Mr. Fogle maintained control over Mr. Taylor’s job, owned the home Mr. Taylor was living in, and provided a lavish number of experiences…all the while attempting to insulate himself from the risks of the conduct,” the doc continues.

Source: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/126979/20151213/jared-fogle-news-did-the-subway-man-buy-roofies-to-use-on-his-victims-video.htm

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