Jay Parker on Illuminati Family Abuse Addendum Part 4 of 4


Jay Parker further shares with Alex Ansary his past as a mind control sex slave in a illuminati family in Arden, Deleware. He also discusses how his mother w…


13 thoughts on “Jay Parker on Illuminati Family Abuse Addendum Part 4 of 4

  1. William Weber

    The answer is to worship God the Father and Not the Mother Kali,the mother
    goddess is inferior and not powerful enough to help the Earth and
    humanity.Most importantly to be fully free and independant as an
    individual.To be able to say I AM?

  2. TheDigihax

    Who did his father fear? I couldn’t understand cause the wind was blowing
    in his mic…

  3. Ching Shih

    Why was the goddess Kali the one thing his father was afraid of? What does
    a Hindu goddess have to do with all of this other dark stuff?

  4. vastell

    Stuart Hall: ‘Plea Bargain’ To Protect Himself And An MP/Peer? Sat 04 May
    2013 The cover-up by police and the Establishment of political paedophiles
    – and royal ones – is disgusting beyond words, but then the Establishment
    and all those who serve it and protect it are disgusting beyond words. Read
    more … davidicke.

  5. MrPhatboy02

    Kali is the Warrior aspect of the Wisdom Goddess Sophia…who is this
    planet. There is no “entity” more powerful than Kali…..and to be a
    warrior in her band as these years come up…oh, talk about the destruction
    of the archons and their ilk.

  6. wendie baugh

    I just watched it lol…….let me know if you find it. 🙂

  7. wendie baugh

    Look up One peoples public trust……….we only have individuals not
    corps. anymore.

  8. Jon Focker

    and then i discover even more in depth info……i learned so much today.
    thanks Jay. i think how he ties together so many sources but also realize
    its time t stop being observant.

  9. wendie baugh

    Any one know the actual date this was filmed. Because the energy has
    shifted they do not have the protection they used to. This is why they
    could not manipulate any thing after 2012.

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